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Behind the Scenes: Meet Brendan!

Good morning, lovelies, Last week, you got to meet my girl Calista. If you missed that post, you can find it here: On the other side of Calista, is my Brendan. He’s so many things, but most of all, he’s Calista’s number one supporter and friend. Once again, the amazing Francy McCrea (she really does need to get a page online already) has made a … Read More Behind the Scenes: Meet Brendan!

Tuesday Teaser & a Sale!

Hello lovelies, Reporting from the depths of my writing cave, I just wanted to say that I haven’t forgotten about you. SCARRED BY VENGEANCE is out in a month! A MONTH! Shut the front door! It’s pretty surreal to me, not going to lie. So to celebrate, PIECES OF REVENGE is on sale for .99 cents! Get it while you can! 🙂 Amazon: More Tuesday Teaser & a Sale!

#TuesdayTeaser – CALEN & a #Giveaway!

Hello lovelies, So, here we are. One week closer to the release of SCARRED BY VENGEANCE. Can you believe it? I can’t. Anyway. Today, you get to know Calen just a little bit better. Enjoy!    “What about Blake?” I know I’m not fighting fair, but I hate feeling this helpless.    “What about Blake?” Calen replies, glancing over at me ever so briefly. … Read More #TuesdayTeaser – CALEN & a #Giveaway!

Tuesday Teaser (A Day Late)

Hello lovelies, Yes, I know, I know. I’m late. But you can’t really blame me because….I said so? I’ve been doing a lot of business-y stuff for my books, so I’ve been slacking in other areas. But anyway. You are not here to listen to my ramblings. You are here for some special sneak peak into SCARRED BY VENGEANCE, Titanium book 2. So, here … Read More Tuesday Teaser (A Day Late)

Teaser Tuesday: Pieces of Revenge – CHAPTER ONE

   Hey lovelies,    I cannot believe that Pieces of Revenge is almost here. According to my trusty little countdown app, it’s 2 days 8 hours 44 minutes and 12 seconds to go. But that is because I’m writing this post on Monday. By the time you read this it will only be ONE DAY!!! (And some hours).   Anyway.    I’m excited and I … Read More Teaser Tuesday: Pieces of Revenge – CHAPTER ONE

Teaser Tuesday: Pieces of Revenge!!

   Hey lovelies,    Only 9 more days to go!!!!!!!!  Seriously, time flies when you’re having….serious panic attacks and not enough hours in the day to get everything done?   Anyway.   I’m excited. Hope you are too. Here’s a little teaser from Pieces of Revenge!      “Drive!” I yell, jumping inside. There is shouting behind us and definite sound of footsteps. I roll down … Read More Teaser Tuesday: Pieces of Revenge!!

Teaser Tuesday: Once More With Feeling (Chance and Dakota)

   Hello lovelies,    Can you believe it’s only 8 days till EDGE OF FALLING comes out??? 8 DAYS! I can’t believe it’s already here. Also, it came way to fast!   Chance and Dakota are my babies. I loved them in Falling by Design and I LOVE them even more now. But you already know that. I won’t babble too long. Here’s the teaser! … Read More Teaser Tuesday: Once More With Feeling (Chance and Dakota)

Teaser Tuesday: Chance & Dakota Feels!

   Hey lovelies,    I seriously cannot believe we’re almost at the end of July. Where has the time gone? If you missed my announcement yesterday, Edge of Falling is scheduled for release the 2nd week of August!! YEAH! That’s only 3 weeks away!   I’m excited!  And nervous.  And so ready to share Chance & Dakota’s story with you!  But also nervous. Did I … Read More Teaser Tuesday: Chance & Dakota Feels!

Teaser Tuesday: Chance & Dakota (plus pictures)

Hey lovelies,    Look at me, putting up a Teaser Tuesday on a Tuesday. I can’t believe how fast June has gone by. We’re already a month closer to the release of book two! AH!  *runs around screaming*   Anyway, enough of the freaking out. Today we have a little glimpse of Chance and Dakota. I also have a few pictures I found on Pinterest … Read More Teaser Tuesday: Chance & Dakota (plus pictures)

Teaser Tuesday & Gift Card Giveaway: Falling #2

   Hello there lovelies,     I know, I know. It’s been a while. But I decided I wanted to bring back Teaser Tuesday for all of you wonderful people!    I am deep in the revision cave, trying to make this book awesome and amazing (while working on a few other things for you). Chance and Dakota are such different characters from Brooklynn and … Read More Teaser Tuesday & Gift Card Giveaway: Falling #2

Falling by Design Teaser & Giveaway Announcement!!

    Hello darling,     Can you believe Falling by Design is out in the world tomorrow? TOMORROW!!! That’s less than 24 hours. It’s actually more like 10 hours till I hit publish.     I’m freaking out! I can’t even explain to you how much.     And while I’m freaking out, I thought I’d post the two picture teasers I shared on my Instagram. … Read More Falling by Design Teaser & Giveaway Announcement!!

Teaser Tuesday (3): Frustration

Hello darling, Teaser number three is here! Our hero is a bit beside himself. Are you ready?  This was a crusade. A mission. A personal conquest. She’d sacrifice herself in a second, and it paralyzed me to think anything could happen to her. I wished, not for the first time, there was something I could do.  Well? What do you think? Are you excited yet? … Read More Teaser Tuesday (3): Frustration