#TuesdayTeaser – CALEN & a #Giveaway!

Hello lovelies,

So, here we are. One week closer to the release of SCARRED BY VENGEANCE. Can you believe it? I can’t.

Anyway. Today, you get to know Calen just a little bit better. Enjoy!

   “What about Blake?” I know I’m not fighting fair, but I hate feeling this helpless.
   “What about Blake?” Calen replies, glancing over at me ever so briefly. “You can’t help her if you can’t help yourself. You may think what you like, but I love my sister and I want her back. But I also love you and I can’t get Blake back if you’re not yourself. You know this, Tasia. I’m not saying anything new to you.” He sounds angry and it’s an emotion I don’t see him display very often. The other emotion I hear as an undercurrent is fear. That one, I hear even less.
   It scares me.
   I settle back against my seat, not saying anything at first. Of course Calen is right. I can’t help anyone if I’m this much of a mess. Whatever they did to me, we needed to fix it before I go on my search of Blake.
   “Okay, Calen. Let’s fix me, so I can go and get Blake.” I get a brilliant smile in return as he reaches over and bumps me on the knee with his fist.
   “That’s my girl.”
   I see the sadness behind his smile, I see the worry that’s etched into his face. I wish he wasn’t here simply because that would mean Blake was okay and well away from this mess I’m in. I have to stop thinking so much like Anastasia and I need to get back to thinking more like Tasia.
   I have to be ruthless.
   I have to be tough.
   I cannot allow myself to feel.
   I just hope that after all is said and done, we’re not too late. I cannot imagine this world without Blake in it. 

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Are you ready?

Much love,


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