Tuesday Teaser (A Day Late)

Hello lovelies,

Yes, I know, I know. I’m late. But you can’t really blame me because….I said so? I’ve been doing a lot of business-y stuff for my books, so I’ve been slacking in other areas. But anyway. You are not here to listen to my ramblings. You are here for some special sneak peak into SCARRED BY VENGEANCE, Titanium book 2. So, here we go!

   My mind brings up pictures of the men and women working for Kallos as my fits connects with their faces.
    They’ve had her for five days now. Five full days of doing who knows what to her. I don’t want to think of all the scenarios that can play out and instead focus on keeping my cool. Just thinking about Blake is sending my emotions on a fritz and if I’m to learn how to control the uncontrollable urges, than I need to do it now, in confines of my own space.
    Tears run down my face as I will my arms and legs to keep with the rhythm. Only three days ago, I would’ve been on my hands and knees bawling, but now I can actually push through the overpowering emotions and keep on going. I haven’t told Calen I’ve made progress yet, I don’t want him to get his hopes up.

Who’s excited to read more about Tasia and the gang? Because I’m excited 🙂

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