Teaser Tuesday: Pieces of Revenge – CHAPTER ONE

   Hey lovelies,

   I cannot believe that Pieces of Revenge is almost here. According to my trusty little countdown app, it’s 2 days 8 hours 44 minutes and 12 seconds to go. But that is because I’m writing this post on Monday. By the time you read this it will only be ONE DAY!!! (And some hours).

   I’m excited and I have a lot of fun stuff going on for the release. Here’s a schedule of events and I’ll be adding some, so keep an eye out.

   Facebook Release Day Party:

   Just click on the title and it’ll take you to the page! There will be lots of authors stopping by throughout the day and LOTS of giveaways going on!

   Blog Tour:

   I’ll be posting a full schedule once it’s all ready to go, but make sure to be on the lookout!

  Now, I have a lengthy teaser just for you! Enjoy!

When I finally stop for the night, I’m so exhausted I can’t keep my eyes open. I’ve been riding for two days straight and I know I have to get off the road before I hurt myself, or someone else. More than anything, I want to keep going. Moving keeps me from thinking, and thinking is a dangerous pastime for me. 
It’s two minutes after midnight, and it’s my birthday. Today, I turn seventeen.  For normal people birthdays consist of preparations, invitations, and celebrations. For me, it is another day where I have to fight to survive. 
When I was younger, especially after I lost my family, I used to envy kids and their birthday parties. People didn’t seem to have a care in the world. I heard laughter, as crowds flooded the yards with bouncy houses and balloons strung up in the front lawn. Kids asked for ponies and video games. They looked for the newest and the most popular. Their parents would get them everything they want, cuddling them in love and material things.
For me, it’s different. All I want for my birthday is revenge. It’s been my greatest wish for six years.
My birthdays are not like what they used to be. Right now I’m in another crappy hotel room, laying in my bed, and staring at the ceiling. I have money. Actually, I am set for life, Daddy made sure of that, but staying below the radar is easier when you’re hiding in the slumps. Nobody looks for a princess among the dirty and the unwanted. 
 I’m trying not to think about being seventeen-years-old because my mind keeps going back to my tenth birthday party. It was the last time my family and I were truly happy. I remember us living on the outskirts of a small town, right on the edge of the woods. For my birthday party, my parents strung up all kinds of colorful balloons across the trees in the backyard, because they knew how obsessed I was with balloons at that age. It looked magical. I felt like Alice in the Wonderland dressed in my pretty blue dress with bows in my curled hair. My gift that year was a giant stuffed teddy bear. That was also the year I had an obsession with teddy bears and life-size things. I was fascinated by the fact that a toy could be bigger than me, and my family knew it. I loved that toy to pieces and took it with me everywhere until the day I had to leave it behind.
I turn over on my side, my eyes falling to the front window. I can see headlights passing by every few seconds, since the hotel is located right off a busy highway. Usually, I try to not think of my family, but sometimes I can’t help it. This trip is filled with flashes of a life that was taken from me. My memories are a trap I can’t escape pulling me farther and farther into the abyss of despair. I miss them so much my heart hurts just thinking of their faces. Sometimes all I see are their smiles. Other times I can’t rip the image of their lifeless bodies from my mind. I shut my eyes, refusing to let the tears spill. I’ve cried enough to last me a lifetime. 
Tears are worthless. 
Tears are weak. 
Pain is manageable if there is a purpose to reach. 
I have a purpose in life. I will get my revenge on those who took everything from me. That is my gift to self. I let my body relax as much as I can, willing to have a few hours of dreamless sleep. Tonight, I pray there will be no nightmares. 
Happy birthday to me.

Much love! 

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