Paranormal Romance

The White Wolf Saga

This series is for you if you love:

  • Friends to enemies to lovers romance
  • Wolf shifters
  • Feisty heroines
  • Broody heroes
  • Found family
  • Angsty and dramatic shenanigans
  • Hand to hand combat
  • Magical adventures

Moonlight Mate (The White Wolf Saga, #1)

I was exiled by my alpha—and now he wants me back.

Cast out of my pack for crimes I didn’t commit, I spent the last six years learning to pass as a human and fight as a wolf.

When the summons comes, the last thing I want to do is return, but my wolf has no choice but to answer the call.

Dangerous, sexy, and deadly, Rylan has become an Alpha to be feared. He thinks he owns me—that he can break me—but I refuse to bow down to his Alpha powers. His hatred for my supposed betrayal rivals the contempt I carry in my heart.

And yet, he needs me.

Wolves are disappearing, returning as rabid monsters. For reasons Rylan will not share, I am the only one who can help.

Ignoring our unmistakable chemistry, and the absolute disdain we carry for each other is only part of the problem. If we don’t put our differences aside, the world as we know it will cease to exist. Everyone I have ever cared about—including my own inner wolf—will be gone.

If you love fast-paced action, enemies-to-lovers romance, snarky heroines and broody heroes, then you’ll love Moonlight Mate, the first book in a pulse-pounding series by USA Today Bestselling author, Valia Lind.


Wolf Untamed (The White Wolf Saga, #2)

Trinity and Rylan take the fight to the Ancients in the next installment of the White Wolf Saga!

If you love fast-paced action, enemies-to-lovers romance, snarky heroines and broody wolf shifters, then you’ll love Wolf Untamed, the next book in a pulse-pounding series by USA Today Bestselling author, Valia Lind.

**Full summary to come.


Thunderbird Academy Trilogy

Of Water and Moonlight (Thunderbird Academy, #1)

I’m losing control of my magic… and a wolf shifter has to keep me in check.

An Ancient evil is spreading throughout the land. When it knocks on the door of my school, everyone expects me to fight it.
But I’m hiding a secret….my magic is on the fritz.

Not only that, but the headmaster forces me into combat training lessons with my nemesis.

Aiden Lawson, wolf shifter. Did I mention he’s ridiculously gorgeous and impossible to ignore? Our lessons are explosive, and I never seem to come out on top. He won’t go easy on me. He’s as ruthless as he is loyal.

If I can just get my magic under control, then I can be rid of Aiden for good.

But when the Ancient evil breaks through the school’s defenses, Aiden and I have to fight.

Whether we’re ready or not.

Welcome to my year at Thunderbird Academy.

Full of magic, adventure, and romance, Of Water and Moonlight is the first book in an addicting young adult paranormal romance series by USA Today bestselling author Valia Lind that will keep you reading late into the night!

***Thunderbird Academy is set within the world of Hawthorne, and while some areas intersect, it’s not necessary to read that series first to enjoy this one.


Of Destiny and Illusions (Thunderbird Academy, #2)

One spell—and my whole world came crashing down.

When the monsters came knocking on Thunderbird Academy’s doors, I was given one task: write a spell and send the creatures packing.

Instead, I brought the whole school to the Faery Realm… And now we’re stuck.

Left with no other choice, the school resumes its regularly scheduled classes. Now that the halls are filled with more fae than I’ve ever seen, tensions are at an all-time high. And I’m not just talking about what’s going on between Aiden and me. I have no time for a forbidden romance, but I can’t keep my thoughts off my broody shifter combat trainer.

Cut off from everything and everyone we know, there are just two things I’m sure of. The war is far from over and the Ancients are powerful beings. Soon, they’re on the border of Faery, and our small haven of peace is shattered.

Do I have what it takes to learn my magic and save my friends? Or will my next mistake destroy us all? 

There’s no going back now. And one thing’s for sure—Thunderbird Academy will never be the same again.


Of Storms and Triumphs (Thunderbird Academy, #3)

All I had to do was write one spell to save us—instead, I doomed us all.

Stuck in Faery, with her friends in mortal danger, Maddie has no choice but to push herself beyond her limits. Her magic is growing, but so are the secrets behind it.

Will she be able to save them? Or has she ruined her chances in redeeming herself?

This is it. The final battle. The last chance to save those she loves.


Of Holidays and Soulmates (A Christmas Novella)

Christmas has come to Thunderbird Academy…and it has brought a new set of problems.

First, the decorations aren’t ready, because I decided to make them by hand and we all know I should’ve used magic.

Second, one of Aiden’s pack mates is missing. Now, we have to trot through the cold forest to find him and kick into oblivion whatever creature decided to disrupt my perfect holiday. No one gets to mess with my Christmas or my pack.

Speaking of Aiden—my gorgeous and broody soulmate— he’s been acting a little weird. I’m going to have to nip that in the bud.

What’s a holiday without a magical battle and some drama? I have a feeling this is one Christmas we won’t forget.

Of Holidays and Soulmates is a Christmas novella set five years after the events of The Thunderbird Academy trilogy.

Featuring favorites from the Hawthorne world, this fun and romantic novella is full of adventure, found family, and a sweet and swoony romance!


Read the complete trilogy in one boxset!


The Fae Chronicles – Faerie Destiny

Shadow of the Fae (The Fae Chronicles, #1)

If I’m found, my life is over. 

I was ready for a quiet and normal senior year. But then, I read something I wasn’t supposed to and now every illusion I had about my magic is shattered. 

Something in my blood allows me to read spells thought to be lost long ago. It’s a power the courts of Faery will fight over…with me as collateral damage. 

My two-part plan: Stay hidden. Stay alive. 

Which is how I end up playing bounty hunter to magical items while living in Phoenix, Arizona. 

When the breathtakingly beautiful and arrogant Fae prince finds me, I’m prepared for him to drag me kicking and screaming back to the Faery Realm. 

He doesn’t. He decides to help. Or so he claims…

Gorgeous and deadly. A dangerous combination. And my only chance at survival. 

If I don’t outwit the fae and learn to control my magic, I will lose my life. And all those I love will perish with me. 

Featuring a fierce heroine, a broody prince, and all things magical, Shadow of the Fae is the first book in this fast-paced young adult paranormal romance series from the USA Today bestselling author Valia Lind!


Blood of the Fae (The Fae Chronicles, #2)

I thought I could stay hidden. But Faery had other ideas.

When I found that ancient book and realized only I could read it, my life changed forever. Now in Faery, I’m thrust into a game more dangerous than I’ve imagined. 
Queen Svetlana is ruthless and will stop at nothing to keep the power I possess for herself. With my fae magic growing inside of me, it’s something everyone in Faery wants. But all I want is find out who I am and how to control it. 

Derek is by my side as we venture into the forbidden forest to get some answers. But he’s keeping secrets, and I can’t forget who he is. 

With danger on every side, cunning fae, and Ancients trying to get at me, I don’t know who to trust. 
Can I stay alive long enough to figure out my magic and save those I love?


Revenge of the Fae (The Fae Chronicles, #3)

After the bloodshed we left behind in Faery, my magic is more desired than ever. 

But my one concern is saving my parents. Even if it means leaving the fae prince behind. I will stop at nothing to protect those I love. Even if it costs me my life.

Featuring a fierce heroine, a broody prince, and all things magical, Revenge of the Fae is the explosive conclusion to this fast-paced young adult paranormal romance series from the USA Today bestselling author Valia Lind!


The boxset includes the prequel, Marked by Fae!


Hawthorne Chronicles

Guardian Witch

Welcome to Hawthorne.
A town. A home. A sanctuary.
It’s a land of magic, where traditions run deep. Governed by an ancient coven, it’s a place where supernaturals and humans can live in peace.
Until now. 

Born and raised in Hawthorne, Harper has always known her place. As the middle child, she is skilled in earth magic and intuition. But even with all of her gifts, she can’t see the future. So when she makes a choice to enter the forbidden woods, she stumbles upon a hurt wolf pup and his older brother.

Connor has finally returned to Hawthorne, ready to take his place as the Alpha. But then a chance encounter sends his whole world spinning. 

The witches and the wolves are not friends. They are nothing more than business partners. They live side by side, but never intertwining. 

But when a power older than time itself rises, it will take both sides fighting together to defeat the evil, or lose their way of life forever. 

Harper and Connor are already breaking all the rules and now they will have to decide for themselves, is their love worth the greatest risk or will they lose it all?


Witch’s Fire

Brianna has been groomed to become the next coven’s leader since the day she was born. As the eldest sister, she is knowledgeable in the ways of her people. Strong and reliable, she has only one flaw: she has no active magic. 
Mark has been called to Hawthorne by the coven’s leaders. With the Ancients rising from their slumber, every powerful witch is needed. But neither Mark nor Brianna realize that what they need more is each other. 
They are like oil and water. Two pieces from two different puzzles. But in order to defeat the latest big and bad, they will have to work together. 
And maybe, just maybe, they’ll discover that opposites do attract and anything is possible with an open mind and a little magic.

WITCH’S FIRE can be read as a standalone book!!!


Witch’s Heart

A powerful witch and a Reader, Krista has finally met her match in Nolan: the first person she can’t read. A shifter hiding a secret, he’s come to help the witches with their problem. 
The town of Hawthorne is under attack. With the threat of the Ancient evil hanging over their heads, these two unlikely forces must join together, as they go to war. 
Fighting their attraction to each other may be difficult, but it’s nothing compared to the darkness threatening to destroy their small town and their way of life. Who will prevail? 

WITCH’S HEART can be read as a standalone!


Tempest Witch

All Skylar has ever wanted was to be left alone. As a half witch, half mermaid, she has lived her life suppressing her shifter gene.

But when her half-brother asks for her help, it’s difficult to deny him. After all, the Ancients are rising and the town of Hawthorne is the only barrier left standing between the world and the pure evil.

The Hawthorne coven has a plan, but in order to carry it out, Skylar must connect to the one part of herself she’s kept hidden. But coming to town, she realizes she doesn’t need to hide anymore. And when she meets a wolf shifter, her already tilted world turns upside down.

In order to survive, she must trust in herself. And in the magic of love.

The big battle is here.

It’s time to fight.

TEMPEST WITCH can be read as a standalone!


All four novellas in one boxset!


Hawthorne Christmas Novella

Holidays have come to Hawthorne – get cozy with this witchy, paranormal romance! 

Whitney has spent four years building her business and now her cafe is a jewel of the town. With Winter Solstice right around the corner, Whitney is tasked with throwing the town’s Christmas cookie party. She’s determined to bring some holiday cheer to a place in a midst of a magical warfare.
When Caleb, a witch from another coven, comes to town, Whitney’s well laid out plans go out the window. He’s all kinds of gorgeous and she’s pretty jaded. 
Can the magic of the season bring these two together? 

A Hawthorne Christmas is a special holiday novella filled with cameos from your favorites in Hawthorne Chronicles! Pick up this sweet paranormal romance today! 


Blackwood Supernatural Prison

Witch Condemned (Blackwood Supernatural Prison, #1)

Eric is insanely hot, a wolf shifter, and my prison guard.

After my best friend is murdered, I may have gone on a slight revenge spree. Who wouldn’t? But then her death was blamed on me, and now I’m stuck in one of the notorious supernatural prisons, hidden from the rest of the world.

With my magic repressed, my only solace is in the training sessions I get to do. Especially now that my hot wolf shifter guard is training with me. With his lingering glances and soft touches, I’m afraid my heart is just as at stake as my safety.

Because the real killer was sent by someone more powerful than I could’ve imagined. And now, he’s coming after me and my family.

My name is Cordelia Keller, inmate number 483285, and my life is in danger.

Good thing I have an escape plan.

Witch Condemned is the first book in a thrilling upper YA paranormal romance series by USA Today bestselling author Valia Lind that is full of twists and turns, and one heart stopping adventure!


Witch Unchained (Blackwood Supernatural Prison, #2)

All I wanted was revenge. Now, I’m thrust into a war I didn’t sign up for. 

When I escaped from prison, my only thought was to find those responsible for my friend’s death and my wrongful imprisonment. What I didn’t plan on was Eric. 

My mysterious, broody, and gorgeous warden is part of a secret supernatural task force, which apparently needs my help in stopping the rising of the King. Not exactly an original name, but the man is pure evil, and our world will be destroyed if he comes to power. 

Now we’re on a mission to find four more relics that make up an armor of power. Somehow my magic is tied to it. Not only that, but I’ve just found out everything I knew about the people in my life is a lie.

I wanted to be a Protector. Well, now it’s up to me to protect the world. 

Too bad I have no idea if I’m up for the job. 


Witch Awakened (Blackwood Supernatural Prison, #3)

Some secrets should stay buried. 

My magic is growing stronger and so is my connection to the artifacts. Their whispers swirl in my head, pulling me in a hundred directions. 
The task force needs to know what I’ve learned. But I have no idea who to trust. 

If I choose wrong, people will die. 

Eric is still by my side, but I find myself unsure about his loyalty. Are my growing feelings for him clouding my judgement? 

With our next mission looming ahead, there’s a lot more than just my heart on the line. If we don’t succeed, all those we care about will perish. 

But I’m not all out of tricks yet. I’m ready to fight to see this through…on my own terms. 


Witch Ascendant (Blackwood Supernatural Prison, #4)

There’s no place left to hide…we fight, or we die.

My mind is spinning from all the secrets I’ve discovered. With Eric still missing, I’m left to deal with this on my own. The magic inside of me won’t stay buried and I know the next mission may be my last. No matter how much I care about my wolf shifter guardian, I have to put the fate of the world first. Even if it breaks me.

If you love wolf shifters, slow burn romance, and fierce witches, then you’ll love this thrilling adventure! 

Witch Ascended is the epic conclusion to this fast-paced upper YA paranormal romance series by USA Today bestselling author Valia Lind!


Experience the complete Blackwood Supernatural Prison series + an exclusive “a year later” chapter with this boxset!


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