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The secret is out!! I am so thrilled to announce that I have a new book coming out!

REMEMBERING MAJYK, book one in The Skazka Chronicles is coming

January 18th, 2018!

Announcement 1

Calista Faulkner never believed in fairy tales…until she is thrust into one.

While attending a college party, she’s attacked by terrifying creatures straight out of a modern day Dr. Frankenstein’s handbook. Fleeing for her life, she discovers that her human memories are a lie and nothing is what it seems.
Calista becomes a target and her only chance of survival is to trust the mysterious Brendan Parnell. He seems to know all of her secrets, even those she doesn’t remember herself.

Together they must fight to protect the most important part of their inheritance, the Relic of Knowledge. Unfortunately, Calista has no memory of her magical life and no idea where she hid the relic. As her memories begin to resurface with bone crushing agony, Calista must face the facts: she is a Volshebnitsya of the High Realm of Skazka and it is her duty to stop the Glava, the masters of Shadowlands.

The world around them begins to falls apart. Plagued by storms that are destroying cities and torn by the sinister monsters of Russian lore. The secrets locked deep inside her mind are her destiny and her undoing. If both worlds are to survive, Calista and Brendan must face the darkness around them—and the darkness threatening from within.

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Cover reveal coming December 10th!!
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I am so excited!! Keep an eye out on all the social medias for teasers, giveaways, and more!

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Hello lovelies,

I am SO BEYOND EXCITED to share this GORGEOUS cover with you!!! My fantastic cover designer, Regina Wamba, has outdone herself. This book is so many things to me, and I wanted to portray that in every aspect of the packaging (as well as the content :).

This book is about a girl torn between two halves of her existence.

The majyk and the reality.
The past and the present.
The forbidden and the reachable.
And this cover represents all that! Are you ready to see it??? Drum roll please!!
Remembering Majyk_Valia Lind-Final-ebooklg
AH I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Honestly, that’s me. Every time I look at it.
Remembering Majyk_Valia Lind-Final
And you can preorder your copy TODAY!!!


I’m seriously so excited for you to meet Cali and Brendan!! What do you think of the cover???
Much love,

Blog Tour: Unknown Trilogy by Wendy Higgins – Review & Excerpt!!!



From New York Times and USA Today bestseller Wendy Higgins comes a frighteningly realistic apocalyptic America brought to life and entwined with searing romantic tension that will leave you eager for more. UNDONE, the stunning conclusion in the Unknown Trilogy is now available! Grab your copies of the Unknown Trilogy today!

Hello lovelies,

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I’m obsessed with Wendy’s books and this series….this series is everything! I feel like I need to reread the whole thing already! Below, is my review of book 3 and you also get a special excerpt from book 2!! Let’s get to it!


This books is so many things, but most of all it’s fantastic!
I loved this whole trilogy so so much! I know I will be rereading it in the future. Wendy has created characters that leap off the page and straight into your heart. They’re real, they’re bruised by the events happening all around them, but they don’t stay down. They stand up and they fight and I loved watching them grow throughout the three books.
Amber, my girl Amber, I am so proud of who she’s become. Rylen….oh that boy is a soldier with a heart of gold. I loved being inside Remy’s head and learning more about her and her and Tater’s journey. I really just loved the whole cast of characters, and Wendy has made me cry more than once throughout this series.
This book was the perfect ending to the story!! Wendy has mastered the art of storytelling and I cannot wait to read more from her! If you love survival stories, heart melting love stories, and characters who take your breath away, this one is for you!

Excerpt from UNREST, book 2: Amber and Rylen

It took half a minute for Rylen to open the door. He was in boxers. That’s it. And it did nothing to slow my heart or breathing. I tore my eyes up from his waistline, over the pepper tattoo on his pec, and to his face.

“Hey, Pep.” He shifted to the side. “You okay? Let me just…uh…” He glanced behind him and the absolute worst thought struck me.

“Are you alone?” I whispered.

“Yeah.” He cocked his head at the fear in my voice. “I’m just gonna grab some pants. Come on in.” Oh, thank God.

I put my hand on the door but gave him a second to go inside. When I went in, he was stepping into track pants. I leaned against the wall, more nervous than I’d ever been, as he sat on the edge of the bed, legs wide, and gazed up at me.

“What’s up?” he asked. He sounded tired.

Say it. Say something. “I know it’s not my place to say this, but…I think you should be careful of Linette.”

He grasped the back of his neck and stared at the floor. “Nothing is going on with us—”

“I know.” I rubbed my face. Every word I’d planned to say sprinted out of my mind and left me standing there completely empty headed. Awkward, expectant silence stretched between us.

“I don’t think she understands or respects where you’re at, and what you need.”

He looked at me then, with such suffering in his gaze, and asked, “Where am I, Pepper? What do I need?”

The anguish there made me nearly slide to the floor. I closed my eyes against the wave of emotions and forced myself to speak.

“I think you’re hurting and you need time.”

His eyes dropped to the floor again, silent. Was I wrong? Was Linette right, that he needed her affections to help him heal?

No, damn it! I could not stand the thought of her ever touching him again like she’d done tonight. I was going to comfort him my own damn self. I took shaky steps forward until I stood between his knees. I saw his shoulders hitch with an intake of air, but he didn’t raise his head. I moved forward until his forehead was pressing against my stomach. Then I slid my hands around the back of his head and held him there.

Before I could be self-conscious or wonder if I was forcing affection on him, his arms went around my back and pulled me closer, his face pressing against my abdomen. I felt his warm breaths through the cotton of my shirt as we held one another in the most tender moment I’d ever experienced with him. I knew in the way he pressed into me, pulling me tighter, his fingers rubbing into my skin through the shirt, that this was exactly what he needed.

I held him, and held him longer, and felt him, and though it might not have been sexual to him, it was the most sensual moment of my life. My entire body went taut and heated at the feel of his hands on my back. His face pressed to me. My hands in his hair.

Footsteps and voices coming up the hall shattered the delicate moment. I moved away from him at the sound of the door unlocking with a click. New York Josh was talking loudly about the Yankee’s baseball record; apparently Tater had tried to bust his balls. They both stopped and shut up when they saw us—Rylen still sitting on the edge of the bed, and me now standing a couple feet away.

Josh hitched a thumb over his shoulder. “You need us to find another room?”

“What?” Rylen said. “Man, shut up.”

“All right.” Josh winked at me. “My bad.”

Tater looked between the two of us.

“I was just leaving,” I said. “Good night.” I gave them an awkward wave and shot a glance at Rylen as I turned to leave. His elbows rested on his knees, watching me go, the heat of his gaze steaming me from the inside out.


About UNKNOWN (Unknown Trilogy #1):

Amber Tate believes the worst thing she’ll suffer in life is dealing with the unrequited love she feels for her brother’s best friend, Rylen Fite. She also believes war is something unfortunate that happens places far, far away from her rural Nevada town. She’s wrong on both counts.

When an unknown organization meticulously bombs major cities in the United States and across the globe, a trickle-down effect spreads to remaining towns at an alarming speed—everything from food and water sources to technology and communications are compromised. Without leadership, the nation is split between paralysis and panic, but Amber isn’t one to hide or watch helplessly. She’s determined to put her nursing skills to use, despite the danger, even if it means working alongside the man she can never have.

In this first installment of NY Times bestselling author, Wendy Higgins’s debut New Adult series, a frighteningly realistic apocalyptic America is brought to life, entwined with searing romantic tension that will leave you eager for more.



Amazon  Amazon Paperback ✦ Barnes & Noble ✦ iBooks  Kobo



About UNREST (Unknown Trilogy #2):

Being on the run in the desert means food and sanctuary are hard to come by, but Amber Tate and her crew are not about to give up. Not after having so many of the things they love brutally ripped from them by an unknown enemy who sent their world into the apocalypse.

Survival takes precedence, but once safe shelter is found, their guards fall and the emotions they’ve been holding in are finally released. Anger, insecurities…lust. In their tight quarters, Amber, Rylen, Tater, and Remy can’t escape it. The past must be faced, and passions run even stronger in the darkest of times.

In the midst of unrest, their worlds are rocked again when they discover the truth about the war that’s ruined their lives. They thought finding out the enemy’s identity would give them the edge; instead it’s revealed terrifying dangers they never thought possible.



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About UNDONE (Unknown Trilogy #3):

Amber Tate never dreamed their heart-wrenching escape from the enemy’s attack would lead them to the most beautiful place she’s ever seen. Like everywhere else in the world, Elmendorf military base in Alaska has been taken over, but it’s time to take it back—all of it—one base, one city at a time. After losing so much, Amber clings to the one precious person she has left, and vows to sacrifice everything to help save the Earth.

Remy Haines is a lover, not a fighter, so when she finds herself in enemy territory, expected to feign allegiance while gathering intel for the rebel cause, she’s never been more out of her element. Tensions only increase when her feelings for Jacob “Tater” Tate won’t go away, and the enemy’s leader takes an interest in her. She’s torn between what her heart wants, and what she knows she should do. As for what her body needs…well, it’s always had a mind of its own.

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About Wendy Higgins:

Wendy Higgins is a soccer mom and backstage drama mama. Most people in her tiny bayside town don’t know she’s a USA Today and NYT bestselling author of paranormal, fantasy, and science-fiction romances. Wendy is a former high school English teacher who now writes full time in her pajamas, and lives on the Eastern Shore of Virginia with her veterinarian husband, daughter, son, and little doggie Rue.

Wendy earned a bachelor’s in Creative Writing from George Mason University and a master’s in Curriculum and Instruction from Radford University.




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Behind the Scenes: Meet Brendan!


Good morning, lovelies,

Last week, you got to meet my girl Calista. If you missed that post, you can find it here: On the other side of Calista, is my Brendan.

He’s so many things, but most of all, he’s Calista’s number one supporter and friend. Once again, the amazing Francy McCrea (she really does need to get a page online already) has made a sketch of Brendan and I love it.

I made a choice by having these hand drawn verses digital, and I think it really makes a difference and works in that whole “folk tales” aspect so well.

So without further ado, let’s get down to business!

Brendan - cleaned up- upclosePROFILE

Full Name: Brendan Parnell

Age: 18

Favorite color: Green

Favorite food: Anything and everything. Except for olives.

Favorite song: Don’t Stop Believing by Journey

Special abilities: Fighting, mechanics, keeping Cali out of trouble.

Least favorite activity: Dancing at royal balls.


VL: Much like I did with Calista, lets start at the beginning. What are you doing when we first meet you?

Brendan: Watching over Cali. She was dragged to this party by her friend Jemma.

VL: How do you know she doesn’t want to be there?

Brendan: She’s never been a fan of parties. She used to want to patrol, even in her ballgowns.

VL: So you’ve known her for a long time?

Brendan: We grew up together.

VL: But she doesn’t remember that?

Brendan: No, her memories have been replaced by human ones. She’s not herself.

VL: But you know the real her.

Brendan: I’ve always known. Even when she tries to hide, I can read her. It’s one of the many skills you develop when you know someone on a personal level.

VL: How would you define your relationship with her?

Brendan: She’s my commanding officer. And best friend.

VL: Even though she doesn’t remember either one of those?

Brendan: You don’t stop caring about someone because they’ve stopped caring about you. Yes, it’s difficult knowing that she’s missing huge chunks of her life from her memory, but she’s still the same Calista I played with, the same one I trained with. When you’ve built that connection, nothing – not time or space – can separate it apart.

VL: You’re not as rough around the edges as she is.

Brendan: That’s my Cali. She’s definitely a prickly one at times. But I think that comes with all the responsibilities she has to carry on her shoulders. I was raised a soldier. I do what I’m told. I don’t have to make the tough decisions.

VL: You’re protective of her.

Brendan: That’s my number one job. She gets to save the world, but I get to save her.

Brendan - full body - cleaned up

And that is my Brendan in a nutshell. A soldier with a heart of gold.


Book One in the Skazka Chronicles

Coming January 18, 2018

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I’ll see you next week with the COVER REVEAL!!!!!

Much love,



Behind the Scenes: Meet Calista!


Hello lovelies,

Today, I bring you one of my most favorite posts! Today, you get to meet my Calista.

When I began writing this book, this girl was front and center in my mind from day one. I mean, she should’ve been, right? She is the main character after all. But, I have to admit, she was a little more vivid than the others and I think it has a lot to do with her sparkling personality. She’s my messed up, tough girl and I adore her and her journey so much.

You don’t only get to meet her, but you get to see her, almost IRL. That’s right, a fantastically talented Francy McCrea has created a sketch of Calista in all of her glory and I have to say, I’m pretty in love with the way the images turned out.

Now, let’s get down to some nitty gritty. How about we ask her some questions?



Cali 1

Full Name: Calista Faulkner

Age: 17

Favorite color: Purple

Favorite food: Pizza

Favorite song: It’s My Life by Bon Jovi

Special abilities: Fighting, majyk manipulation, ordering Brendan around.

Least favorite activity: Socializing



VL: Cali, what is happening when we meet you in the beginning of the book?

Cali: Well, I’ve been dragged to a party by my best friend. So I’m probably leaning against a wall, sipping my Dr. Pepper, and people watching.

VL: Parties are not your thing?

Cali: I despise them.

VL: Wow, you’re pretty strong on that opinion.

Cali: Considering the last party I went to ended up with me being nearly stabbed to death with a sword, I feel like I’m entitled to that opinion.

VL: Fair. How did that go?

Cali: What, being nearly stabbed to death? It was lovely. A real good time.

VL: Were you afraid?

Cali: I was terrified. Like any normal human being would be.

VL: Only you aren’t…

Cali: No, I am not. That’s still new and it’s taking some getting used to.

VL: Did you ever think magic was real?

Cali: I most definitely did not.

VL: Would you have preferred you never finding out?

Cali: I would’ve preferred not getting into this interview with you.

VL: Calista.

Cali: No, I wouldn’t change it for the world. Let’s be real, everyone wishes at one point in their lives or another, that majyk was real. But majyk is not all fun and games. Before my memories were wiped, I lived and breathed battle. I was trained and I was taught how to be the best warrior our lands have ever seen. Then, that was taken away and now I have to learn it all over again. Not only that, but I am constantly hunted by those who think they know better on how to use the said majyk. But I stand by my answer, no. The greatest gift someone can give themselves is to know who they are, right down to their core. I’m finally finding that out for myself. So what if I have to cut to pieces a few monsters along the way.

VL: …

Cali: I scared you a little.

VL: No…

Cali: Yes, I have a tendency for that. Brendan will tell you otherwise.

VL: And who’s Brendan?

Cali: Someone who is a much better…everything… than I am.

VL: And who are you?

Cali: I’m the girl who’s going to do whatever it takes to protect those she loves and the world in which she lives. Both worlds.

Cali Full 2

Is there really anything else to say after that?


Book One in the Skazka Chronicles

Coming January 18, 2018

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See you next week, with a visit from yet another character!

Much love,



Behind the Scenes: The Inspiration

BTS inspiration

Hello lovelies,

As you can tell by the title and the banner, I have something for you 🙂 I decided to do a little series and talk about all the BTS aspects of Remembering Majyk (and maybe even other books to come). I love these types of posts and it’s always so interesting to me to see where the books and ideas come from. So let’s get into it!


If I counted how many times I’ve been asked where do I get my ideas, I would’ve written hundreds of books with just that one question alone.

If I’m to be honest, I don’t remember the exact moment I decided to write Remembering Majyk or where specifically that story came from. I can tell you that I love magic books and I love books that deal with self discovery and sword wielding heroes and slow burn love stories. Remembering Majyk is all of those things for me. But most of all, it is my heritage.

You see, I grew up in the streets of St. Petersburg, Russia. Born and raised, and proud to be from such a beautiful and historic city. I’ve always had a particular love for stories and I remember my mom and I reading and watching these Russian folk tales. Baba Yaga, The Firebird, the siblings, Alyonushka and Ivanushka. Russia has some awesome cartoons, which have adopted these stories and beautiful books, full of illustrations that have stayed with me through the years.

So when I decided to write a book about a girl with a history she couldn’t quite remember, set in a world full of magic, it only seemed appropriate to bring that side of my heritage into it. These stories and the lessons they teach were a big part of my upbringing, thanks to my wonderful mother, and as a writer, I wanted the rest of the world to experience them as well.

Remembering Majyk is not really a retelling of any particular story. It is a mixture of all the beautiful parts of my childhood wrapped into one. While it may still have the aspect of a young adult novel (because how could I ever get away from that, it’s my favorite) the story brings little parts of the fairytales into it.

In part, this story is for my Mamochka, who is the greatest cheerleader and supporter of my books. When writing Calista’s story, I wanted to bring some of that history into it, and show my appreciation for the many sacrifices my mom has gone through for me. Because no matter how much she worked, how tired she was, she would always spend time with me.

I’m working on book 2 right now, and I have to say, I think I may love it even more than the first! So many folk tales, so little time.

Stay tuned, next week, you get to meet none other than Calista herself! I have a particularly special surprise when it comes to her and I can’t wait to share it with you!

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Much love,


Blog Tour: Haven by Mary Lindsey!


Hello lovelies,

Today, I am part of the blog tour for the newest Mary Lindsey book, Haven. Thanks Chapter by Chapter Blog Tours! I have enjoyed Mary’s writing in the past and was very excited to read Haven early. If you know me at all, you know how much I love anything werewolf, so this book was a special treat. Keep reading till the end for a giveaway!


Rain Ryland has never belonged anywhere, He’s used to people judging him for his rough background, his intimidating size, and now, his orphan status. He’s always been on the outside, looking in, and he’s fine with that. Until he moves to New Wurzburg and meets Friederike Burkhart.

Freddie isn’t like normal teen girls, though. And someone wants her dead for it. Freddie warns he’d better stay far away if he wants to stay alive, but Rain’s never been good at running from trouble. For the first time, Rain has something worth fighting for, worth living for. Worth dying for.


I have to be honest, I’m a big fan of all things werewolf, so this book was already right up my alley. This book hit the spot, for sure. Rain was an interesting character and I like the story being told from his point of view. He’s had a tough going, but I like that he’s still a good guy at the core of it. He’s definitely the wounded hero type and I’m a sucker for those.

I liked the contrast between him and Freddie. She was a tough cookie to crack, but he got through to her. The mythology was fun and well written. I was already a fan of Mary’s writing style, so I had high hopes going into the book. She writes clearly and vividly, bringing the story to life right in front of your eyes. I look forward to whatever Mary has for us next!



Purchase Links:

Amazon | Amazon Australia | Amazon UK | Amazon Canada | B&N | iBooks | Kobo

Tour Schedule:


Mary LindseyMary Lindsey is a multi award-winning, RITA® nominated author of romance for adults and teens. She lives on an island in the middle of a river. Seriously, she does. When not writing, she wrangles her rowdy pack of three teens, two Cairn Terriers, and one husband.

Inexplicably, her favorite animal is the giant anteater and at one point, she had over 200 “pet” Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches. The roaches are a long story involving three science-crazed kids and a soft spot for rescue animals. The good news is, the “pet” roaches found a home… somewhere else.

Blog Tour: Offsetting Penalties by Ally Mathews

Hello lovelies,

Today I have a special treat for you! You all know how much I love sport romances and today, we have Ally Mathews talking about her newest release, Offsetting Penalties. Take it away, Ally!

The first book I wrote was a YA hockey romance. I loved the hero and heroine in that story, but alas, the structure of the book was messed up, and there were way too many chapters that had great, witty dialogue, but they didn’t advance the story. I was more than a little discouraged when I learned enough to realize that book would have to be completely rewritten, so I decided to try something else. I started reading historical romance when I was twelve, so when I came across a contest for a Jane Austen inspired short story contest, I decided to give it a try. Though I didn’t final in the contest, a few bloggers gave my story an honorable mention, so I decided to turn it into a novella. That novella became my first published book.
Six historical romances later, I mentioned to my editor that I really wanted to write a YA romance. We brainstormed together and came up with the idea of a story about football players taking ballet lessons. When I looked online, I found a lot of videos of current and former NFL players who took ballet lessons to improve their game, so I decided we were onto something.
When I sat down to plot out the story, I decided it would be better to make it about one particular football player who had been injured the previous season and was desperate to earn a college football scholarship. His coach suggested he take ballet lessons to improve his game, but when he arrived at the dance studio, a female classmate of his that he didn’t know well saw him and decided to blackmail him because she was equally desperate to try out for a prestigious ballet company and needed a partner to dance with her. That’s how Offsetting Penalties came about.
As for that first YA book I wrote…I just might pull out that manuscript and figure out a way to make it work.

Isabelle Oster has dreamed of being a prima ballerina her entire life, so when the only male dancer backs out of the fall production, she’s devastated. Without a partner, she has no hope of earning a spot with the prestigious Ballet Americana company. Until hot jock Garret practicing stretches in one of the studios gives Izzy an idea, and she whips out her phone. But does she really want this badly enough to resort to blackmail?
All-state tight end Garret Mitchell will do anything to get a college football scholarship. Even taking ballet, which surprisingly isn’t so bad, because it means he gets to be up close and personal with the gorgeous Goth girl Izzy while learning moves to increase his flexibility. But Izzy needs him to perform with her for the Ballet Americana spot, and he draws the line at getting on stage. Especially wearing tights.
Disclaimer: This Entangled Teen Crush book contains a bit of blackmail, a lot of sarcasm, and an ending guaranteed to melt your heart.

Buy links:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Ally Mathews - author photoAbout Ally Mathews:
Ally lives in Texas and is convinced her house is shrinking, possibly because she shares it with three kids, four dogs, two cats, a rabbit, and assorted reptiles. Oh, and her husband. She likes to curse in Russian because very few people know what she’s saying, and spends most of what would be her spare time letting dogs in and out of the house and shuttling kids around. She has many stories in her head waiting for the opportunity to escape onto paper. 

When she’s not writing, you can find her reading or binge watching Psych, Scream, Younger, and superhero movies. She loves to cook but hates to clean up afterwards, and strongly believes that Disney World is truly magical. You can find Ally on her website, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, though she makes no claims of using any of them properly.

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