Behind the Scenes: Meet Brendan!


Good morning, lovelies,

Last week, you got to meet my girl Calista. If you missed that post, you can find it here: On the other side of Calista, is my Brendan.

He’s so many things, but most of all, he’s Calista’s number one supporter and friend. Once again, the amazing Francy McCrea (she really does need to get a page online already) has made a sketch of Brendan and I love it.

I made a choice by having these hand drawn verses digital, and I think it really makes a difference and works in that whole “folk tales” aspect so well.

So without further ado, let’s get down to business!

Brendan - cleaned up- upclosePROFILE

Full Name: Brendan Parnell

Age: 18

Favorite color: Green

Favorite food: Anything and everything. Except for olives.

Favorite song: Don’t Stop Believing by Journey

Special abilities: Fighting, mechanics, keeping Cali out of trouble.

Least favorite activity: Dancing at royal balls.


VL: Much like I did with Calista, lets start at the beginning. What are you doing when we first meet you?

Brendan: Watching over Cali. She was dragged to this party by her friend Jemma.

VL: How do you know she doesn’t want to be there?

Brendan: She’s never been a fan of parties. She used to want to patrol, even in her ballgowns.

VL: So you’ve known her for a long time?

Brendan: We grew up together.

VL: But she doesn’t remember that?

Brendan: No, her memories have been replaced by human ones. She’s not herself.

VL: But you know the real her.

Brendan: I’ve always known. Even when she tries to hide, I can read her. It’s one of the many skills you develop when you know someone on a personal level.

VL: How would you define your relationship with her?

Brendan: She’s my commanding officer. And best friend.

VL: Even though she doesn’t remember either one of those?

Brendan: You don’t stop caring about someone because they’ve stopped caring about you. Yes, it’s difficult knowing that she’s missing huge chunks of her life from her memory, but she’s still the same Calista I played with, the same one I trained with. When you’ve built that connection, nothing – not time or space – can separate it apart.

VL: You’re not as rough around the edges as she is.

Brendan: That’s my Cali. She’s definitely a prickly one at times. But I think that comes with all the responsibilities she has to carry on her shoulders. I was raised a soldier. I do what I’m told. I don’t have to make the tough decisions.

VL: You’re protective of her.

Brendan: That’s my number one job. She gets to save the world, but I get to save her.

Brendan - full body - cleaned up

And that is my Brendan in a nutshell. A soldier with a heart of gold.


Book One in the Skazka Chronicles

Coming January 18, 2018

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Much love,



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