Teaser Tuesday & Gift Card Giveaway: Falling #2

   Hello there lovelies, 

   I know, I know. It’s been a while. But I decided I wanted to bring back Teaser Tuesday for all of you wonderful people!
   I am deep in the revision cave, trying to make this book awesome and amazing (while working on a few other things for you). Chance and Dakota are such different characters from Brooklynn and Grayson. Their story took me by surprise, but I love them too much not to write it the way they want me to write it. Anyway, without any farther delay, here’s some Chance and Grayson for you!
   “I didn’t know he was coming,” my friend states, after a few moments of silence. I grab some cups, putting them on the counter in between us before I say anything. 
“I just don’t get it, Gray. I should be used it.”
“It’s never easy watching someone you care about in someone else’s arms.”
“Please don’t get all poetic on me. It sucks okay? It freakishly sucks and I want to punch a wall.” I lean against the island, my knuckles white where they’re holding onto the side of the granite. I’m so much better at controlling myself than this. What is wrong with me? 
“Hey, you’re the writer around here. I thought you’d appreciate my eloquently put words.” He grins broadly, completely proud of himself and I grunt in response. 
“Shut up.” This makes him grin even bigger, but whatever. He can laugh at me all he wants. I remember just mere months ago he was the one walking around moping like a school girl with a crush, and I tell him so. 
“Yes, that’s true. Which is why I totally forgive you for being annoying.” 
“Seriously, man. Shut up.” He’s laughing outright now and I have an urge to punch him in the face just to shut him up. I’m really losing it, ain’t I? I don’t realize I ask the question aloud until Grayson stops dialing and looks up at me with a serious look in his eyes. 
“It’s understandable. You’re not the first guy to lose it over a girl.”
“No, but I’m probably the only guy who’s still losing it over a girl who’ve rejected him for seven years straight.” 
“Hey, at least you’re committed.”
“Or need to be committed,” I grunt under my breath.

Awe, my poor Chance. 
So, while I’m deep in my revision cave, I have not forgotten about you. 
Comment below for a chance to win a $5 Amazon Gift Card!
Tell me what you think of the teaser, or Chance, or Dakota, or if you’re reading something interesting! I’ll pick winners at the end of the week. 
Hugs and smooches, 

1 thought on “Teaser Tuesday & Gift Card Giveaway: Falling #2

  1. It's been a while since I last read Fashion by Design, but this sounds very interesting, and if I'm correct with the same cast! 😀 i loved those characters, and now can't wait to see what you come up with 😀 Right now I'm not reading anything since I finished a book last night, and don't feel emotionally stable to read much since I'm going to watch The Fault in Our Stars tomorrow… xD


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