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A Day in New York City – Pictures Galore

So I’m not sure how many of you know this (I kept it pretty quiet I guess) but I moved to New York!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Que excitement* This is a HUGE deal for me because it’s been something I’ve wanted to do for YEARS. It’s hard to make such a drastic move, those of you who have done it know, but it’s the right thing to … Read More A Day in New York City – Pictures Galore

What’s Going On in 2015?

   Hello lovelies,    So here we are. It’s officially three days into 2015 and it still feels unreal. (It’s also my birthday month so there’s that). But anyway, I thought I’d take a minute and just do an overview of my year for you. Here’s the thing. I’m not big on resolutions and such, but I am big on goals. Especially writing and … Read More What’s Going On in 2015?

The Little Things: Breakfast & Writing

   Hello lovelies,    Well, it’s April. Do you know what that means? It means that I am deep in my writing cave, trying to finish up secret things, so that I can share them with you. If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you’d know that I get a little forgetful when I write. And one of the main things … Read More The Little Things: Breakfast & Writing

March Favorites 2014

   Hey lovelies,     So, it’s almost April. Wow. I can’t believe that my book has been out for 20 days. What and what? This month has been a crazy thrill of a ride. Not only did my book come out this month, but I went on a dream vacation to Ireland (in case you guys missed that hehe).    Since I’ve been laying in … Read More March Favorites 2014

Ireland 2014!!!

   Hello lovelies,    I’m baaaack! Seriously, I cannot believe that my Ireland vacation has come and gone. It was amazing and wonderful and just everything I hoped it would be. Since a lot of you have been asking, I’m posting lots of pictures. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, right?  Blarney Castle! Blarney Castle and Gardens  I believe this is us … Read More Ireland 2014!!!

Writer Recharge Update 4.0!

    Hello darlings!   Can you believe it? It’s March 3rd. Already. Which means it’s Falling by Design birthday month!!! I’m not exactly where February has gone, but I need more time. I’m not ready! Seriously. I’m not sure one is ever ready.   But enough about that. Let’s talk about February. I had some doable goals this months and while I didn’t hit all of … Read More Writer Recharge Update 4.0!

#WriterRecharge Update 3.0!

Hello darlings!Here we are with another Writer Recharge update! I can’t believe that we only have one more week left in February! Where does the time go? This week was another hectic week for me. I accomplished much, but also didn’t accomplish as much as I wanted to. Here’s my progress report:     1. The cover reveal for my YA Contemporary romance went live this … Read More #WriterRecharge Update 3.0!

On reorganizing your life…and bookshelves

Hello lovelies,    You all know I have a book coming out (if I haven’t freaked out over that enough). As the date looms closer, I keep rethinking over everything I’ve done up to this point.    Will it be enough?    Did I write the best book I could’ve?    Are decisions I’m making what they need to be?    It’s stressful.   I know I’m not telling you … Read More On reorganizing your life…and bookshelves

Saying Goodbye to 2013…

Hello lovelies, I know, I know. There are so many of these posts right now, you might not even read this one. I don’t want to overwhelm you or anything, so if you don’t want to read it, then don’t. But this blog is a part of my journey, and while I haven’t been quite as good at keeping you all updated as I wanted … Read More Saying Goodbye to 2013…

On when things don’t go quite as you planned…

   Hello lovelies,    So, it’s the end of November. Already. What is happening? Where has the time gone?!  I seriously have no idea what happened to 2013. It’s just a blur of work and writing and work and writing.     As you might’ve noticed, November didn’t quiet pan out the way I hoped it would. School and life got in the way and … Read More On when things don’t go quite as you planned…

A few new things.

          I decided I needed some change in my life.      Change is good right? I mean, change is what makes us grow, what gets us to that next level. There are some changes brewing in all aspects of my life right now and as soon as I can, I’ll be sharing those with you. In leu of all the changes, … Read More A few new things.

What I’ve Been Up To: April 2013 Version

Hello darlings, So I’ve been MIA again. Are you really that surprised? Life has a tendency to run away from us and I’m just trying to stay in the race. Lots has been going over here. Not all of it book related. Actually, come to think of it, a lot of it hasn’t been book related. But more on that later. 1. I’ve been spending … Read More What I’ve Been Up To: April 2013 Version