Ireland 2014!!!

   Hello lovelies, 

   I’m baaaack! Seriously, I cannot believe that my Ireland vacation has come and gone. It was amazing and wonderful and just everything I hoped it would be. Since a lot of you have been asking, I’m posting lots of pictures. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, right? 

Blarney Castle!
Blarney Castle and Gardens 
I believe this is us after we kissed the Blarney Stone!
They decided to explore the tiny tower

Like my castle? 
View from the top of the Blarney Castle

Blarney Castle Gardens

Blarney House (Sadly, wasn’t open to go inside. But it looked like people lived there!) 
View of Dublin front the top of Guinness Factory
Dublin, Ireland
Enniskerry, Ireland. This is the little town five minutes from where we stayed.
Delicious coffee at Cup (yes, that’s the name of the cafe)
Dublin Castle in the heart of Dublin
Gelato from this little place on Grafton Street
Us at the St. Stephen’s Gardens right outside of Grafton Street in Dublin
Us by the Malahide Castle in Malahide, Ireland
Malahide Castle (one of the oldest occupied castles in Ireland)
Excitement at the Waterfall
Jacob’s Ladder. Yes, it was as painful as it looks.
Driving around Small Towns, Ireland
Powerscourt Waterfall
Us at Powerscourt Waterfall
Powerscourt Waterfall
Another view of St. Stephen’s Gardens in Dublin
Roads in Ireland

Trinity College Campus
The “We’re going on an adventure” face

   I can pretty much go on and on posting pictures, but this is all I can manage for now. If you guys follow me on Instagram, be prepared to get a lot of picture flashbacks of my trip. 

   I loved everything about Ireland. I loved the country, the people, the weather, the food, the EVERYTHING. I seriously think my body is protesting about being back because I got sick as soon as I set foot back in the states (while still on the plane). 

   Ireland is a beautiful country, full of beautiful people and history. As a writer, I gleamed so much inspiration from walking those streets. I even came up with a new book idea while riding the Dart. Once I finish my current WIP, I’ll be jumping into that one and I can’t wait. The back of the book has been written out and everything. That’s what Ireland did to me. 

   I’m saddened to be back. I would’ve liked to stay longer just so I could find myself in these little cafe’s, working on my book. 

   Much love, 


2 thoughts on “Ireland 2014!!!

  1. SO MUCH LOVE! Thank you for sharing these pictures! I've been planning my one day future trip for AGES! Love these gorgeous pictures!


  2. Sorry you are sick, lovely. The pics are fab and I so want to go now!


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