A Magical Experience

Hello lovelies,

Remember how I said I wanted to be more active on here? Well, here’s me trying.

Do you have a bucket list? I can’t say that I have one per se, but I do have a list of things I would love to do in the next five years. One of those was to experience the lanterns festival for myself. And this weekend, that to-do item received a check!

IMG_9605It was such an amazing experience and if you ever get a chance to go, I highly recommended.

I did some research beforehand to make sure it’s environmentally safe. There is actually a team that goes out to hunt down every last lantern and the event itself must receive a go ahead from the fire marshal.

You write a wish on the paper lantern and then send it off into the skies. It was such a beautiful and calming experience.

This year, I’m trying to experience more things, to do more things for myself. I’m very glad that I got to do this!

I’m off to work on Thunderbird Academy #3, but I leave you with this lovely video!


Much love,


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