On reorganizing your life…and bookshelves

Hello lovelies, 

   You all know I have a book coming out (if I haven’t freaked out over that enough). As the date looms closer, I keep rethinking over everything I’ve done up to this point. 

   Will it be enough? 
   Did I write the best book I could’ve? 
   Are decisions I’m making what they need to be? 
   It’s stressful.

   I know I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know. Some of you have published, so you know. Some of you have read hundredths of posts from those who have published, so you know. 
I definitely fall into the post reading category. I need all the knowledge I can get. I love the fact that there are so many resources out there and if you take your time in researching them out, you can gleam some helpful insights. 

(Side note: I’ve seen my working cover and OMW IT’S BEAUTIFUL)

   But while I’m doing all of that researching and planning, I realized that I’ve been neglecting myself a little bit. I know, big shocker there, right? An author (or any individual really) who’s making big changes in his or her life actually concentrating more on the project than on themselves? Oh the horrors. 

Well, maybe not horrors, but you know what I mean. So while I’m working hard at this huge endeavor, I decided to reorganize some things in my life. 

     1. My bookshelf.
              I know this doesn’t seem like much to some people, but my shelves were a mess. I honestly think it added to the stress level, every time I came into my little office to work. So the other day, I took four hours away from my craft and made my shelves pretty. I cannot tell you how cathartic it was. Surprisingly so. But look how pretty they are now! 

     2. My TBR. 
              This goes along the lines of my bookshelf reorganization. I needed to reevaluate which books I wanted to read versus those I felt like I had to. The thing is, it really helped to put things in perspective. I also am participating (kind of) in the #AYearAThon on YouTube. Which means, right now, I’m working my way through Harry Potter. For the first time. GASP. I know. 
               Here are just some of the books on my list for this month. 


     3. My writing goals. 
               This is obviously a huge one for me. As part of #WriterRecharge, I decided to give myself a 2K goal for each day. 1K for one project and 1K for the other. It may not be a lot for some, but with all the pre-publishing crazy, this is a huge goal for me. 

     4. My blog. 
                This is kind of where this post comes into play. I have some unfinished pages on this website and I really want to utilize it to the best of my ability. So, I decided to finally update some things on here. One of the main ones is the FAQ’s page. This is where you come in. 
If you guys have any questions for me, leave them below and I’ll post them on my website. 

   Well, that’s it for now. I feel like I’ve rambled on long enough. How is everyone doing? If you’re interested in participating in the cover reveal, you still have time to sign up: http://valialind.blogspot.com/2014/01/cover-reveal-sign-up.html 



1 thought on “On reorganizing your life…and bookshelves

  1. oh man, i so need to reorganize my office! I have been so lazy lately, been writing from the couch and watching television in between paragraphs LOL…but yeah.


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