Writer Recharge Update 4.0!


Hello darlings!

   Can you believe it? It’s March 3rd. Already. Which means it’s Falling by Design birthday month!!! I’m not exactly where February has gone, but I need more time. I’m not ready! 
Seriously. I’m not sure one is ever ready.

   But enough about that. Let’s talk about February. I had some doable goals this months and while I didn’t hit all of them, I hit a few. 

   1. My goal was to hit 25% on two of the projects I am working on. Sadly, I didn’t hit this goal, but I did manage to hit about 20% on one. This was a huge success for me, considering how busy I was outside of writing. 

   2. Writing at ALL was a huge success for me. You know I suffered a personal lost in February, so even though I ended up being a week behind, I still managed to succeed in my eyes. 

   3. I had a lot of Falling by Design promotional stuff to do and I’m happy to say, much of this was accomplished. I had a successful cover reveal, I have figured out my formatting (for all the platforms) and I managed to get my book ready for paperback release at the same time. I’m so excited my book will be available in ebook and print. And at the same time!! SQUEE!!!
   You can add my book on goodreads here: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/20871808-falling-by-design

   So while I might’ve not hit my writing goals, I really had a productive month. I also really enjoyed writing these updates every week. It helped with my blogging as well. I’m sad to see Writer Recharge 2014 go, but I’ve made some good friends during the month so prepare to have your blogs stalked anyway 🙂

   If you’re interested to know, I’ve got big things planned for March! My book is only 9 days away from being let out into the world and I’m planning a big giveaway for the release week. I also have a blog tour coming up and more teasers coming your way. So stay tuned!!

   How about you? How was your February? What have you got in store for March? I’m excited for all the great things!

   Much love, 


4 thoughts on “Writer Recharge Update 4.0!

  1. Nine days is no time at all – happy book birthday month!


  2. It's always hard when you have doable goals and then live gets in the way and you don't reach them! But congrats on getting some of them. It sounds like you had a very successful month, all around. Good luck with the book release. So exciting!


  3. Sorry to hear of your loss. I'm glad you were able to write despite what else was going on in life. Progress is progress, so wonderful to hear 🙂


  4. Well, it sounds like it was a successful month even if you didn't quite hit all your goals. This is a big week for you – I'm looking forward to reading your new book! Thanks for joining Writer Recharge last month!


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