What’s Going On in 2015?

   Hello lovelies,

   So here we are. It’s officially three days into 2015 and it still feels unreal. (It’s also my birthday month so there’s that). But anyway, I thought I’d take a minute and just do an overview of my year for you. Here’s the thing. I’m not big on resolutions and such, but I am big on goals. Especially writing and reading goals. I always try to push myself a little bit farther, and last year I definitely did that by publishing 3 books. 3 BOOKS! That’s insane (at least to me). But this year, I want to do better. Not just for myself, but for my readers.

   Now, this is just a tentative list of goals and ideas of goals. Not all of these will be met, but that is okay. I shall try.


       100 books!

   I failed last year by only reading 86. Writing more books this year it will be harder for me to read more, but I shall try.


        Falling, Book 3 – yes, you all have been patiently waiting for Jackson’s story and it will happen this year.

        Titanium, Book 2 – this one will probably be the first one to be published, but that still won’t be till a bit later.

        Titanium, Book 3 – right now, it’s a trilogy. So book 3 should be out by the end of the year.

        New UF YA series, Book 1 – I have a huge plan for this new series and I will have, at least, information on it by the middle of the year.

Holy Batman and Robin, right? 

       I will be posting a lot more artwork and photos this year, because I want to be better at documenting my life through pictures.

   Well, I think that’s it. At least for now. I have some other goals as well, but these are my priority, so it’s the ones I’m sharing with you.

I might later on tho…

    Before I go, I wanted to take a moment and thank each and every single one of you who have supported me this last year (and years before). You are what allows me to continue on this journey and I am truly blessed to have such awesome fans!

   I would to hear what you have planned for this year, so let me know!

   Happy New Year!

   Much love,

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