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Readings, Musings, Exloring, Oh my!

Hello lovelies, So it’s been a while. Does anyone else feel like I’m always starting my blog posts (and videos) like this? Probably because I am. Ha. I’m terrible at this part. But anyway, UPDATES TIME! WRITING: So this part hasn’t been going as well as I’ve been hoping, but it’s going. Somewhere. I think. Possibly. I’m being critical of myself, as one does. … Read More Readings, Musings, Exloring, Oh my!

What’s Going On in 2015?

   Hello lovelies,    So here we are. It’s officially three days into 2015 and it still feels unreal. (It’s also my birthday month so there’s that). But anyway, I thought I’d take a minute and just do an overview of my year for you. Here’s the thing. I’m not big on resolutions and such, but I am big on goals. Especially writing and … Read More What’s Going On in 2015?

On reorganizing your life…and bookshelves

Hello lovelies,    You all know I have a book coming out (if I haven’t freaked out over that enough). As the date looms closer, I keep rethinking over everything I’ve done up to this point.    Will it be enough?    Did I write the best book I could’ve?    Are decisions I’m making what they need to be?    It’s stressful.   I know I’m not telling you … Read More On reorganizing your life…and bookshelves

Giveaway. Giveaway time.

Hello lovelies,As you can tell by the super clever title of this blog post, I have a giveaway for you! I know, it’s about time. Really. I also know that I haven’t been keeping you as updated on the ways of my life, so since I’m offering up some goodies, please forgive me? 🙂Now, before I show you the awesome, let’s do some quick … Read More Giveaway. Giveaway time.

Second Book Syndrome

So I’ve been trying to catch up on some reading lately. My TBR pile is seriously taken over my life, so it’s a work in progress. But there is something that I’ve noticed in recent books that I kind of wanted to discuss here. Relationships in sequels. Here’s a thing I’ve noticed. I like first books. The fresh perspective. That first discovery of the characters and … Read More Second Book Syndrome

Road Trip Wednesday: Check in – Writing/Reading Goals!

Hello lovelies,      So I saw the Road Trip topic for this week and I realized, this is a mighty fine question and one that needs to be answered.      This Week’s Topic: Quarterly check-ins! We’re already 1/4 of the way through the year–where are you on your reading and writing goals?     This Week’s Road Trip Song: Tonight I’m Getting Over You by Carly … Read More Road Trip Wednesday: Check in – Writing/Reading Goals!

Road Trip Wednesday: Favorite Required Reading Book

Hello darlings, So this week I decided that I’m going to participate in the Road Trip Wednesday over at YA Highway blog. There’s some talented people over there, so I highly suggest you head over there and check them out. But wait, you have to read this post first! This Week’s Topic is: Back to school time! What’s your favorite book that you had to read for … Read More Road Trip Wednesday: Favorite Required Reading Book