Readings, Musings, Exloring, Oh my!

Hello lovelies,

So it’s been a while. Does anyone else feel like I’m always starting my blog posts (and videos) like this? Probably because I am. Ha. I’m terrible at this part. But anyway, UPDATES TIME!

  1. WRITING: So this part hasn’t been going as well as I’ve been hoping, but it’s going. Somewhere. I think. Possibly. I’m being critical of myself, as one does.
  2. READING: I have actually managed to get some reading done recently, which is good! I’ve been in a bit of a slump lately. Right now, I’m revisiting a favorite, because sometimes that’s the best. I adore Agatha Christie and And There Were None is my favorite! Also, as you can see, I’ve been consuming a lot of coffee. Photo Jun 05, 13 45 22
  3. EXPLORING: I’ve been doing a little more of this lately, as my time in New York is almost at the end (don’t get me started, there will be tears). A year sure goes by fast! Last weekend, I went to the Coney Island Mermaid Parade with my girls and it was a blast! Pictures to follow!Photo Jun 18, 13 55 38Photo Jun 18, 15 07 33Photo Jun 18, 14 27 25Photo Jun 18, 14 42 06Photo Jun 18, 14 48 57Photo Jun 18, 19 08 59

So that is basically my update post. I just wanted to show that I’m still alive. I’ll have a lot more things coming up, starting in July, so keep your eyes on my social media feeds!

What have you planned for this summer? Anything exciting?

I’d love to hear from you!

Much love,



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