Behind the Scenes: Meet Calista!


Hello lovelies,

Today, I bring you one of my most favorite posts! Today, you get to meet my Calista.

When I began writing this book, this girl was front and center in my mind from day one. I mean, she should’ve been, right? She is the main character after all. But, I have to admit, she was a little more vivid than the others and I think it has a lot to do with her sparkling personality. She’s my messed up, tough girl and I adore her and her journey so much.

You don’t only get to meet her, but you get to see her, almost IRL. That’s right, a fantastically talented Francy McCrea has created a sketch of Calista in all of her glory and I have to say, I’m pretty in love with the way the images turned out.

Now, let’s get down to some nitty gritty. How about we ask her some questions?



Cali 1

Full Name: Calista Faulkner

Age: 17

Favorite color: Purple

Favorite food: Pizza

Favorite song: It’s My Life by Bon Jovi

Special abilities: Fighting, majyk manipulation, ordering Brendan around.

Least favorite activity: Socializing



VL: Cali, what is happening when we meet you in the beginning of the book?

Cali: Well, I’ve been dragged to a party by my best friend. So I’m probably leaning against a wall, sipping my Dr. Pepper, and people watching.

VL: Parties are not your thing?

Cali: I despise them.

VL: Wow, you’re pretty strong on that opinion.

Cali: Considering the last party I went to ended up with me being nearly stabbed to death with a sword, I feel like I’m entitled to that opinion.

VL: Fair. How did that go?

Cali: What, being nearly stabbed to death? It was lovely. A real good time.

VL: Were you afraid?

Cali: I was terrified. Like any normal human being would be.

VL: Only you aren’t…

Cali: No, I am not. That’s still new and it’s taking some getting used to.

VL: Did you ever think magic was real?

Cali: I most definitely did not.

VL: Would you have preferred you never finding out?

Cali: I would’ve preferred not getting into this interview with you.

VL: Calista.

Cali: No, I wouldn’t change it for the world. Let’s be real, everyone wishes at one point in their lives or another, that majyk was real. But majyk is not all fun and games. Before my memories were wiped, I lived and breathed battle. I was trained and I was taught how to be the best warrior our lands have ever seen. Then, that was taken away and now I have to learn it all over again. Not only that, but I am constantly hunted by those who think they know better on how to use the said majyk. But I stand by my answer, no. The greatest gift someone can give themselves is to know who they are, right down to their core. I’m finally finding that out for myself. So what if I have to cut to pieces a few monsters along the way.

VL: …

Cali: I scared you a little.

VL: No…

Cali: Yes, I have a tendency for that. Brendan will tell you otherwise.

VL: And who’s Brendan?

Cali: Someone who is a much better…everything… than I am.

VL: And who are you?

Cali: I’m the girl who’s going to do whatever it takes to protect those she loves and the world in which she lives. Both worlds.

Cali Full 2

Is there really anything else to say after that?


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See you next week, with a visit from yet another character!

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