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Behind the Scenes: Writing an Unlikable Character

Hello lovelies, Can you believe we’re just 14 days away from the release of Remembering Majyk??? I honestly cant believe how fast the time has been flowing by. Even as it seems to take forever. Funny thing, that time. Anyway, today, I wanted to talk to you a little about my writing. You’ve met Calista, you’ve met Brendan. If you’ve read any of my … Read More Behind the Scenes: Writing an Unlikable Character


Behind the Scenes: Meet Calista!

Hello lovelies, Today, I bring you one of my most favorite posts! Today, you get to meet my Calista. When I began writing this book, this girl was front and center in my mind from day one. I mean, she should’ve been, right? She is the main character after all. But, I have to admit, she was a little more vivid than the others … Read More Behind the Scenes: Meet Calista!

My Writing Process Blog Tour!

 Hey lovelies,    As you can tell by the title, we’re here to talk about writing. My wonderful CP, Amy, tagged me and I’m excited to share some inside information with you. Let’s get it started (in here). (Sorry).    1. What am I working on?    Actually, I am a little nuts at the moment. I am working on 3, yes 3, separate projects. I’m finishing … Read More My Writing Process Blog Tour!