I Have a Title!!! (and it’s amazing)

   Hello lovelies,

   So, things are happening. Technically, things are always happening, but lately, they’ve been REALLY happening. I’ve made some crazy big changes in my life recently. Exciting changes. TERRIFYING changes. 
    Yes, I’ve finally taken the leap and became a FULL TIME WRITER.


   Que screaming.

But good kind of screaming….
     Anyway, this is not why we’re here. We’re here because book two in Falling series comes out in just under TWO MONTHS and it finally has a title!!! 
    Are you ready to find out what that is?
   How about now? 
   Okay okay 🙂 The title for book two is EDGE OF FALLING

   What do you think? You like? I like. Actually, I LOVE. 
   AND you can add it on Goodreads now! 
   I’m so excited (and nervous) for you all to read Chance and Dakota’s story! 
   Much love, 

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