ARC Sign Ups for Edge of Falling!

   Hey there lovelies,

   I can’t believe that it’s almost that time again. You know, that time when I have a new book out? YES. I’m hard at work in my writing land (I have some exciting things in store) and cannot wait to share all the things with you.

   Speaking of sharing, did you see the heading for this post? That’s right, there are ARCs of Edge of Falling and you could be one of the first to read it!!! Que excitement.

   I’m very excited and nervous to share Dakota and Chance’s story with you, just because I feel like it’s a bit different from Falling by Design. Which it should be. Since Dakota and Chance are NOT Brooklynn and Grayson.

   But ANYWAY. If you’re interested in reading Edge of Falling (you do NOT have to read Falling by Design first, since this is a companion novel), sign up below!

   Thank you, thank you, to all of you who will sign up and to all of you who have been so supportive. I’m so excited I FINALLY have books for you!!!

   Now, if you’re excited, RAISE YOUR HAND! (Comment below. I want to “see” those hands)

   Much love,


3 thoughts on “ARC Sign Ups for Edge of Falling!

  1. I'm raising both of my hands right now. I hope I get approved for an arc. I just read Falling by Design and I am so looking forward to Chance and Dakota's story. Thank you so much! <3

    – Diana Grace


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