Road Trip Wednesday: WIP Playlist!

   Hello lovelies,

   So since I didn’t post a teaser yesterday, I decided to participate in Road Trip Wednesday. I know, it’s been a while.

   This week’s topic is: Share a song from your writing playlist.

   Oh, so many songs to pick from! I love the playlist for this book and I hope you will too. Because I can’t pick just one, you get two.

   My friend shared this song with me and I knew, instantly, that this was going on my playlist. I can picture Chance singing this to Dakota. She might punch him in the face for it, but he’d sing it anyway. 🙂

   This one has more of a Dakota feel about it. She’s definitely a stubborn one.

   What do you think? Are you excited for Falling 2?

   If you’re writing, let me know what’s on your playlist!

   Much love,