Falling by Design (Excerpt #3)

      Hello darlings, 

      So we are only 8 days away from Falling by Design release day and OMW, I’m freaking out just a little. Okay, maybe a lot. Maybe more than a lot. 

      Anyway, that’s not important right now. What’s important is that I have another little excerpt for you. Enjoy!

I move away, heading to the opposite side of the store and away from Grayson. I know leaving him in the vicinity of Dakota may be dangerous, but I really don’t have a choice now. I’ll probably embarrass myself more if I stay. I’m picking up one of the clothing boxes when I feel him behind me. 
“You know,” he says, his body inches from mine, making me way too aware of him. “We should have dinner sometime and catch up.”
“You do remember that we’re not actually friends, right?” I move away and he follows. I step left, he steps left. I step right, he steps right. I’m about to kick him out of the way.
“Maybe we can remedy that?” he whispers. I can almost taste his breath on my lips and I jerk back. 
“Maybe not.”

EEP!! I’m so excited for y’all to meet Grayson and Brooklynn for real! Just a little over a week!

Don’t forget to add my book on goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/20871808-falling-by-design

Much love, 


1 thought on “Falling by Design (Excerpt #3)

  1. am loving the excerpts!!


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