Be Brave! A Dare & Some Love

       Hello loves! Blog entry #100 is here! You know I’ve been wondering what to write for a while now. As soon as I hit 90 I started thinking of something, anything for #100. I mean come on now, its 100 right? That’s an important number. Like a right of passage. It needs some epic-ness don’t you think? Well, let me just say, I came up with nothing (Don’t freak out. It’ll be okay). So I’m just going to type and we’ll see where it leads us.
  Let me start out by saying I’m still amazed I even have a blog. When I started this little ball of wonder I thought to myself, “No one is going to read it. It’s completely pointless. Why am I doing this again?” But I have to tell you the truth, I’m really glad I did. Sure, I don’t have a thousand followers. And yes, I don’t receive too much response on my videos and posts. But I have met so many amazing people within the blogging community that it blows my mind!!! I cannot even begin naming names because I will forget someone and then feel bad forever! All of you bloggers, readers, and writers out there, you have been an encouragement to me! I just wanted you to know that. If you never read another blog post from me again, at least you know that you matter to someone somewhere. 🙂

  I have never imagined that my writing will be seen by others. I am my worst critic, which is how it usually goes, and I’ve always thought that I was never going to be brave enough to share. Yet, here I am, sharing. It’s funny how something becomes a part of your system once you fall in love with it. Yes, let me get all mushy on you and tell you that I love my blog. I love the fact that I AM brave enough to share my thoughts with the world. My family and friends pushed me to share my book with y’all, but the decision to start this blog was my own and I’m glad I made it. 
  My writing has become an incredible part of my journey. The project I’m working on right now takes my breath away sometimes. I can’t believe I am finally brave enough to write in the genre I’ve always loved. There is that word again, brave. It all comes down to being strong enough to take that first step. And maybe this is the epic-ness I was searching for. In this 100’s blog post I encourage you, dears, to go out and be brave. Learn how to swim. Write a song and then sing it in front of people outside of your immediate family and friends. Take a trip. Read a book of a different genre. Paint your nails red. Write a letter. Essentially, this is what this is. My letter to you. Thank you for being there, in the vastness of the Internet, and being willing to stop by. It is a letter to encourage you to be someone bigger than you are now. Not somebody else, but the you that is waiting to come out. I’ve taken that step, now, I dare you!
  Much love, 

2 thoughts on “Be Brave! A Dare & Some Love

  1. I think sometimes it feels like a lot fewer people are seeing your online presence than they really are. And then you go somewhere and someone you've never met recognizes you and for the first time you realize, wow, people are seeing me. You just never know, you know? You never know when you'll impact someone's life. What you do is awesome!


  2. Aw, this was a sweet post. It is scary to put ourselves out there, but it's so rewarding too. I think I've grown a lot as a person since I started letting others read what I write.

    Your blog is gorgeous! I love all the pictures in your header.


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