5 thoughts on “In My Mailbox #8

  1. Awesome books 🙂 If I Stay and 13 Reasons Why made me cry SOOOOO MUCH haha good luck with those! They're super good though 🙂 And Red Glove is awesomeeeee, I hope you enjoy it as much as White Cat 😀 Hope you enjoy all of these, happy reading!


  2. Great IMM this week! Love Gayle Forman's stuff!!

    My IMM is here:


  3. Great books this week! I read If I Stay and I loved it! I also bought White Cat but I haven't read it yet and listening to you talk about it makes me want to read it now! Come see my mailbox:

    Crystal @ Elegantly Bound Books


  4. Great mailbox! I've been thinking about reading the replacement, I keep hearing mixed things about it though. So jealous you have Red Glove in front of you, it's hard to come across in Australia. I guess I'll import it soon, I just loved White Cat so much.

    Here's my IMM this week


  5. Thanks, I think I will get The Replacement. Also, no problem, shoot me an email sometime.


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