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September Wrap-Up and October TBR

Hello lovelies,In case any of you are wondering what I’m reading, here’s my TBR video for this month.What are you guys reading this month? Let me know!Much love, Valia 

How to Deal: Writing Vlog #1

Hello lovelies,So, I decided to film these vlog videos to talk a bit more about my writing process and such. I really hope you enjoy this one. If you do, make sure to let me know, so that I know to make more.If you don’t subscribe to my YouTube channel, I would really love you if you did! Hugs and kisses,Valia 

Unboxing #2: In which I go a little bit slaphappy…

Hello there lovelies,So in case you don’t follow me on YouTube, I decided I’ll share my randomness with you on here. *giggles* I may have been a bit tired in this video. And super excited. Love and comments are welcome!Hugs, Valia 

The Elements Book Cover Tag!

Hello lovelies,So, I did a thing. Yes, I participated in a YouTube book tag! I know, crazy right? Anyway, here it is.  Hope you enjoyed! If you’d love to participate, don’t forget to leave links below. Thanks for watching!Much love, Valia 

Updates. In Vlog Form.

Hello lovelies,As you can see by the title of this post, I vlogged. *cheers all around* *bows* Thank you, thank you very much.But seriously, here’s what I’ve been up to. Enjoy! So what about you, lovely people? What’s on your TBR for this month? Let me know! Much love, Valia

Happy New Year Greetings! (It’s a Vlog)

Hello lovelies,Happy New Year’s Eve! Can you believe it? Where does the time go? Anyway, here’s a little encouragement for a new year for y’all.   You guys are the best and I heart you all! Hugs, Valia 

Book Haul: In which I did some catching up…

Hello lovelies,As promised, I got an In My Mailbox vlog for you. Yay! Enjoy! Hope you had a wonderful week! Have you entered the giveaway yet?  You know you want to! What is in your mailbox?Happy reading, Valia

I Have Conquered NaNoWriMo!!!

Hello lovelies,Look a vlog!! I know I know, I keep talking about being better at this whole vlogging thing, I’m trying. I really am. *hang head in shame* But anyway, this is a celebration video because I have CONQUERED NaNoWriMo! Watch the craziness below.  Thanks everyone for watching! You guys are the best! Please let me know if you have any questions for me. How … Read More I Have Conquered NaNoWriMo!!!

NaNoWriMo Pep Talk #1

Hello Darlings!Happy Halloween to all! Can  you believe it’s October 31st? Insane right? Anyway, National Novel Writing Month officially starts tomorrow so I decided to ramble, I mean talk, a little about some of the things I’ll be doing this month. Be warned, I love to talk about writing so this video, yes, lots of talking. If you’re participating, don’t forget to add me!Well, … Read More NaNoWriMo Pep Talk #1

Book Haul: 10-19-12

Hello darlings,I know it’s been a while, but look what I have for you today. A video! And I’m in it! Hope you enjoy, but I warn you. Proceed at your own caution. I’m a bit delirious. What’s in your mailbox?Happy reading, Valia 

In My Mailbox #33: The Awesome Sleepy One

Hello lovelies,So its time for IMM! Enjoy!Guys, I just got off full night of work and I’m soo very tired but I couldn’t just leave you hanging! Hugs, hugs all around, people! 😀Special thanks:Lori Foster – @lorilfosterKady Cross – @kadycrossKim Harrington – @Kim_Harrington What’s in your mailbox??Happy reading, Valia

Vlog: Updates, Questions, and Hunger Games

Hello lovelies, Omw! Its a video! 🙂 I know you’re shocked, but please recover long enough to watch and comment! Please leave your comments below! Thanks!Much love, Valia