Survival…Sunburn…and Laziness

            Hello my dearest readers! I am back! As if you couldn’t tell. I had an amazing time! I have to admit that I wasn’t expecting to have as much fun as I did. Wilderness and I, I’m not sure if they mesh well together. However, they did this time. Yes, I am a big city girl. Give me noise, huge buildings, and of course, Internet and I will be happy. However, the time I had to spend alone while hiking, taking pictures, and writing did me some serious good. Except for the fact that my face is lit up like a ripe tomato. No, I will not be posting pictures of that.
            But if you’ve been following my adventures on twitter, I have posted an awful a lot of scenery and such. And guess what? There is more to come, because instead of describing the beauty I had the privilege to behold, I will show you. 
            Honestly, these picture are nothing compared to the real thing. The stars, oh the stars! When you are standing on that mountain, you are so close; you feel part of the heavens. Its breathtaking.
            Now, I feel lazy. Yes, I actually admit it. Tomorrow my work week starts and all I feel like doing is grabbing one of those amazing books I received in the mail, climb under my covers and read. However, duty calls. I must go check off a few items of my to-do list before the clock strikes midnight.
            So, sweet dreams my darlings! “Life is a beautiful flag, and laughter is the wind that makes it wave.”
Much love,

1 thought on “Survival…Sunburn…and Laziness

  1. Oh my word, what a beautiful place. You captured it so vividly. Lucky you for getting to enjoy it!


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