“I’m running away”… some old shirts…and books, of course!

Yes, you’re vision is fine. I am actually blogging twice in the span of two days. Just don’t get used to it.

The reason simply is, ‘I’m running away!’ Where you may ask? To the mountains. I’m planning on living as a hermit in the wilderness of Arizona. The birds and the snakes will be my company by day. The mountain lions and the elk (with random appearances by bobcats and foxes) will be my companions at night. On a more serious note, I really am going to the mountains for a few days. My family owns 80 sq acres on a mountain and I’m spending the weekend there. I haven’t been in more than six years, I think, and I am quite excited. My plan is to hike, read, take pictures, and write, write, write! We’ll see how well that goes.

In light of my trip I had to unearth my winter clothing. I’m not ready for any heavy duty bundling up, but I do need appropriate shoe wear as I hike. While I was going through my things, I have rediscovered my old t-shirts.

This one is from St. Petersburg, Russia. It’s a team shirt for a Russian football (I mean soccer) team.

This one is from my college days. West Coast Baptist College and the “Bird Fever.” Good times!

Do I even need to explain this one? I saw it twice! And still absolutely love it! What’s your favorite Broadway musical? 🙂

Last, but not least, is my Dairy Queen shirt! My first official job in America! I suppose I should stop now 🙂

Now, guess what arrived a week early and just in time for my trip? Yes, books!!! I’m so excited to read these! However, I am limiting what I bring considering I actually want to get some writing done. Prioritize, I must prioritize!
Well, I probably should go pack now. Farewell the world of technology and my dear readers. If I don’t get eaten by any wild animals, or bitten by any poisonous bugs, I will be back on Tuesday (with quite a few pictures and chapters written). In meantime, happy reading!

Much love,


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