Smart Chicks Kick It and…who am I kidding? That’s all I want to talk about!

Prepare yourself for a lengthy post.

            Well, it happened. Last night I had the privilege of attending the Smart Chicks Kick It tour in Scottsdale, AZ. I have been waiting for this for a while now, and truth be told I didn’t know what to expect. Apart from this being the first time I was meeting these ladies, it was also a first time I have attended any books signing (apart from my own). Let me just start out and say that these ladies are incredible! To take the time out of their busy lives and put together a tour like this; serious kudos are in order.
Now on to the recap of the evening. I was fortunate enough to go with a friend, who although is not a reader, was sweet to spend an evening like this with me.

Smart Chicks Kick It at Scottsdale, AZ
We arrived at the center around five o’clock (two hours prior to the event) and got our names on the list of attendees. After securing our place, we headed off to Baja Fresh for some delicious dinner and conversation. We arrived back at the Civic Center at precisely six o’clock. There was already a line forming. They were giving out raffle tickets and free tattoos. No, before you ask, I did not get a tattoo. But I did get a front row seating for being there early. When the ladies came out a little after seven, with Holly leading the way (she was stuck at an airport, did her make-up in the cab, and looked gorgeous) and took their positions on top of the table the evening of fun began. Yes, on top instead of behind.  Hey, they can do whatever they want; it’s their tour after all! Introductions and Q&A followed. The ladies at this stop were: Holly Black, Sarah Rees Brennan, Melissa Marr, Kelley Armstrong, Kimberly Derting, and Alyson Noel. They were so fun and sweet, even on four hours of sleep. I will not enclose all the questions and answers I can remember, but let me just say entertaining doesn’t even begin to cover it. Yes, Sarah that was a reference to you.
            Then came the book signings. The line formed even before the ladies gave a go ahead, so after purchasing White Cat (I know, I caved and bought a book) we got into the line. We stood behind three girls who were, for the lack of a better word, interesting. An hour and half later we were at the front.
            Now, let me make a little confession. I had no idea how Alyson was going to react when I finally made it to her seat. Yes, we’ve been internet friends for a few months now, but lets be real, she talks to a lot of people. I told myself, and my friend, not to be disappointed if she just greets me with a “Hi, its nice to meet you.” What I didn’t expect was her jumping out of her chair and grabbing me for a hug as soon as she heard my name! She loved how ‘cool’ I was about it, “Ya, I’m Valia; its not like we’re friends!” she said after hugging me. Then turning to Kimberly, who was sitting next to her, said “This is Valia, I know her!” We took a picture together as we talked and she signed.
Alyson Noel and I (Wooohoo!) 🙂
            I can’t even explain how amazing it felt to be welcomed with open arms, literally, by one of my favorite authors. The encouragement a struggling writer can find in that is indescribable. I can only hope that one day I can be the encouragement and a blessing to someone else the way Alyson has been to me.

           Moving down the line, I had the privilege of meeting the rest of the Smart Chicks and had my picture taken with each one.

Kimberly Derting and I 🙂
Kelley Armstrong and I 🙂

Melissa Marr and I 🙂

Sarah Rees Brennan and I 🙂
By the way Sarah, I will be looking for that book with my name in it! 🙂
           When I finally came to the end, where Miss Holly Black sat, I was on cloud nine. Handing over my newly bought book I told her I haven’t read it yet, but since I’m Cassandra Clare’s fan, who is one of Holly’s friends, I’m sure I will enjoy it. Well, Holly took me a bit by surprise when she decided to discuss Clockwork Angel with me. By the way, if you haven’t read that book yet, go get it now! Her exact words were, “That’s it, we have to talk about this!” She was such a sweetie, and I loved our five minute conversation! No, I will not post the exact script here because it does have a bit of a spoiler-y feeling to it.
Holly Black and I 🙂
           As you can see, I had a blast! The ladies were amazing, and I loved spending the evening in their company. I just hope one day I can be behind that table, signing books, and meeting fans with the same grace and warmth they showed me.  

3 thoughts on “Smart Chicks Kick It and…who am I kidding? That’s all I want to talk about!

  1. I'm glad you had such a great time. I was at this event as well although I haven't gotten a chance to post all of my pictures yet. 🙂


  2. Looks like you had a great time. You may want to check my blog to see if you won the contest…


  3. Such a great tour! I caught up with them in Cincinnati 😀


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