The honeymoon stage.

Voices. There are voices in my head. 
You know, if you tell a non-writer (or non-reader) that there are voices in your head, they’d look at you weird. And then, they’ll proceed to run away. But for someone who lives in a world of the imaginary, this is a typical statement. 
Lately, I’ve had a particular pair of voices hanging out in my brain. And to be honest, I’m quite in love with these two voices because I love love these characters. I love who they are and what they represent.  They’re fun, exciting, and new. 
I’m definitely in the honeymoon stage. 

But what do you do once that’s over? You continue with the writing and the loving and the working. 
Honestly, I get asked this question A LOT. How do you get over writing block? How do you finish a book? 
Well, the answer is simple: write. 
But at the same time, it’s not simple because you need to write. 
The first love stage is exciting. You’re figuring out your characters, you’re finding what makes them tick. It’s like meeting a new person. 
The honeymoon stage is fun. This is where you’re having a blast just putting words on paper. Typing and typing away. Then, you hit that wall. I’m at that wall right now. Or I’m getting there. I’m about 20% finished with my new book and now, since it’s coming up to that almost halfway point, I really need to start thinking about what I’m writing. And guys, it’s work. It’s a lot of work. 

When I’m at this stage, there are a few things that help me through:

1. Remind yourself why you love writing – I think oftentimes, when writing becomes work, we forget that we’re doing this because we love it. Well, at least that’s why I do it. And becoming successful in doing what you love, you have to work. However, once you remind yourself that you actually love the end result, the work won’t be so much work. 

2. Take a break – as in walk away. I forget to do this, which may sound funny to you. There are times when I’m so focused on making myself write this or that, I forget that if I walk away for a few minutes, I can come back with a new perspective. This happens every time I walk away so I’m not sure why I keep forgetting it. 

3. Spend time outside – I know this one can go under walking away, but now that it’s summer, I think we as writers forget that there is sunshine our body needs. So, go outside. Go sit in the sun (in a moderate amount), swim in a pool, play with your dog. Basically, go get some vitamin D. Seriously, you need it. 

4. Remember, you are not alone – there are writers everywhere that are in the same boat as you. Sometimes, the greatest encouragement is talking to someone who understands exactly who you are and what you do. Yesterday, I spent some time with two such authors and let me tell  you, it was the greatest encouragement. I’m all fired up now!

Nothing I’ve said here is new to anyone, but I feel like sometimes we need the reminder. At least I do. So hold on to that honeymoon feeling and keep on writing! 

Much love, 


PS What are some things you do when you feel bummed about your writing? Share below. 

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