I Have Conquered NaNoWriMo!!!

Hello lovelies,
Look a vlog!! I know I know, I keep talking about being better at this whole vlogging thing, I’m trying. I really am. *hang head in shame* But anyway, this is a celebration video because I have CONQUERED NaNoWriMo! Watch the craziness below. 

Thanks everyone for watching! You guys are the best! Please let me know if you have any questions for me. 

How did you do this month?

And don’t forget, there’s a giveaway going on for hardcover copy of Keeper of the Lost Cities. Go and enter!

Much love, 

4 thoughts on “I Have Conquered NaNoWriMo!!!

  1. Congrats, Valia! That's fantastic! 🙂 I sort of wish I'd used the month of November to pound out something new and that I'd done 50K. Ah well. I added a bunch on to a story in progress, so that's good. 🙂 Now you can kick back and enjoy the holidays knowing that you are a NaNo superstar!


  2. Gr8 Vlog! Have you read anything by Connie Willis? Reading the Doomsday Book right now, thought you'd enjoy.


  3. EPIC!!!!! Hahaha I love your vlog. I already tweeted to you, but again, CONGRATS!!!!!!! You want to get to us, and we want to get to know you!. So I'llcatch you on Twitter. And I want your shirt. That is all 🙂



  4. Congratulations!! I'm so excited for you! NaNo is such a great experience, and you feel just..so ACCOMPLISHED when you've done it, so proud. Congratulations!

    This year, in the end, I decided not to continue with NaNo. I managed to knock over a pile of DVDs and discovered a documentary that made me think of a show I used to like. I put the two together and realized why I was being all grumbly-pants about that contemporary I keep working on and quitting. This is a way to make it less contemporary, and it made me SO EXCITED.

    After that, I couldn't work on what I had been for NaNo because I was thinking of this new idea. Right now, I'd rather be doing as much research as I can and figuring out how everything is morphing, then do my own personal NaNo in January or February. So that's what happened on my part! 🙂

    I'm so, so proud of you, though!!! Congrats again!


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