Shop Talk Thursday: Friendships in the Writing World

You know what I love about the writing community? I love the fact that it is a community. As writers, we tend to be pretty lonely creatures. Our world consists of a lot of one on one with imaginary and we’re happy with that. It’s not a problem to us to sit in front of a computer or a notepad and plan out every detail about this character or that one. However, there comes a time in our writing career where we all want to be loved. 

You know what I’m talking about. Our book is as complete as it’s going to be, we have finally stopped ignoring our families, oh and we showered. Trust me, putting on something besides pajamas is like a right of passage at the end of a long draft. So now comes the querying part. And the waiting. And then more waiting. Oh and even more waiting. If you don’t know this already, publishing world is made up of bricks of waiting. 
Here’s the awesome part tho, you are not alone. While you do the writing, the editing, and the waiting, there are people out there in the same boat as you. The friendships I have made throughout my writing career (so far) are amazing. No one can understand you like another author does and sometimes I feel I would’ve never gotten this far if it wasn’t for the awesome support of the writing community.
You guys deserve all the hugs! 

So while I wait, somewhat impatiently (ok probably really impatiently because come on now) for the things to come, I spend my time trying to give back and encourage those around me. Because really, I couldn’t thank you more for the awesome support you give, so why not give back? 
Check out some of my favorite people (seriously, do it): 
Jennifer Armentrout – Have you checked out all the awesome she’s been posting? You need to! 
Victoria Scott – First look at Dante Walker (swoons, faints, plunders) – Excerpt 
Shannon Messenger – I know you loved my Let the Sky Fall review, and are all jealous I got to read it early. But have you checked out Shannon’s first book, Keeper of the Lost Cities? 
Brigid Kemmerer – Transcript of Spark chat that will have you laughing at/with (and loving) the elemental boys even more! 
Farrah Penn – just because she’s the best critique partner and friend a girl can ask for 🙂 

       Have a wonderful day, 

1 thought on “Shop Talk Thursday: Friendships in the Writing World

  1. This is very true, I just got off one of the biggest revisions I have ever done on a book. In that time I had sort of(more than sort of) neglected my blog. When I got back I was sure I would have 0 followers and have to start all over. The opposite was true they were all there and one of them was even asking me to guest post. The community is much needed for us sometimes secluded creatures. Nice post.


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