Road Trip Wednesday: Writing Goals

Hello darlings,
It’s that time again. I have to say that time really goes by super fast. I feel like I just wrote this post, and here it is again. If you guys haven’t checked out YA Highway yet, you need to. Now, let’s talk about writing.
This Week’s Topic: What do you hope to be writing in one year? Three? Five?
Road Trip Song of the Week: Skyfall by Adele 

I have many plans for my writing. Seriously, I make plans all the time. Don’t we all? I do have this one project that I want to write, really really want to write. It involves Dragons and mythical worlds and crazy fantasy. 

I’m trying my hand in a little of that now with my new project, but in a few years, I would love to try my hand in high fantasy. I don’t know, there is just something about those worlds that I’m fascinated by. 
I also love me some Greek mythology. Maybe in a year or two I’ll try my hand in that too. I would enjoy to write one of everything eventually. Yes, high ambitions. We’ll see 🙂

What about you? Any future plans? 

Have a great day!