Dark Days Tour Stop and Secret Project

Good morning minions,

Today I have a little catching up to do. Last week, I went to the Dark Days of Supernatural Tour and met some wonderful people. Tahereh Mafi, Veronica Rossi, and Ellen Schreiber were the featured guests at Changing Hands. 

I cannot express to you how excited I was to meet these ladies face to face. Ellen was there for tour last year and it was great seeing her again. Tahereh and I have been twitter friends for a while but this was our first chance to meet in person. 

I am glad to report there was no awkwardness (Yes, Tahereh, I said it). She is the sweetest person and you guys seriously need to get your hands on Shatter Me to read all about her mental writing insights. 

Veronica and I have only spoken a few times but she recognized me on the spot (which seriously made my day). She is adorable and oh so very talented. Under the Never Sky is one of my favorite books for sure. 

I love going to these tour stops not only to meet my favorite authors but to gleam some knowledge from their success. I enjoy hearing about the journey they had to take in order to sit behind that table in front of everyone with their books in their hands. It takes work and perseverance, long hours and large consumption of coffee, and always, always believing in yourself. I walked out of that building encouraged and with new friends (I finally met Farrah as well! You guys should follow her. She’s awesome).

Now, I need encouragement because I’m in the process of querying. Im excited and terrified, trying to keep my head from exploding. But while I’m in this process I am still writing. This is where my new project comes in. It’s new and different from what I’m use to writing, yet its also pouring out of me as if it needs to be written. I decided to let you glimpse a bit of the story and this is where Pinterest comes in. I have created a board specifically named Secret Project #1 that will be filled with pictures depicting what my story is about. 

Follow Me on Pinterest
Even if you can’t follow, you can still see my board!

Right now, the board has two pictures that mean nothing to you but they will. I’m excited to include you in this process, letting you discover for yourself how I see my characters. I might hosts contests as well.
I did promise to be more involved with my writing this year and this is one way I can stay accountable. Also, make sure you check back for the special interviews and giveaways I’m hosting. I’m excited to share this journey with y’all.

So what do you think of my idea? 

Have a wonderful day!

Much love,

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