Best. Superbowl. Ever.

   Fanatic |fəˈnatik|(noun) – a person filled with excessive and single-minded zeal. Thats me!!!

PACKERS ARE THE SUPERBOWL CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, had to get that out of my system.Yes, in case you haven’t noticed I am a Packers girl!!! And I am so proud of them for their amazing achievement!!! Outstanding!! Splendid!!! Awesome!!!
My house was insane last night! If I’m usually scary when I cheer for my team, last night was quite a bit above average. 🙂 The game was amazing! We go home right as the 4th quarter started and watched till the end. A few people were coming over to the house, and one in particular decided he was going to wait in the truck until the game is over and then come in and watch the whole thing not knowing who won. We, of course, wanted to see Packers win in real time so we watched the 4th quarter and then CELEBRATED!!!! After celebrating for a few minutes, we had to put on our “indifferent” faces so that he could come in. He had no idea the outcome!!! We’re good! Anyways, CONGRATULATIONS TO THE BEST TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!


Green and Yellow!!!

No, this is not your typical post. I have no book or writing news to share with you today. I just wanted to celebrate a little bit with my fellow readers!!! Wooohoooo!!!!

Much love,


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