Writing is not easy!!! Stop saying that!

Do you ever feel unappreciated??? Well, you are not alone! People have a way with words. Sometimes, those words are not so pleasant. We all have days when we are faced with situations that make us crazy. Today was one of those days! But I wont dwell on that. I will however, mention one fact that bugs me probably more than any other. People who say, “Writing is easy!” “Anyone can write a book!” or some variation of that thought. To all of you my fellow writers, don’t worry I understand! It’s not! It really is not!
Let me tell you all something. I live in a place where I don’t know many writers who live around me. I definitely don’t personally know many writers who I can spend time with. Sometimes being a writer is very lonely. So while I am doing what I love, discouragement can set in. Especially when the story is just not coming out, or the characters are being difficult, talking back, or doing things opposite of what they are told (Yes, my characters have a tendency to argue with me). So when an individual who cannot write a 300 word paper on the most simple of a subject keeps telling me that ‘writing is easy’ I want to scream. Just a little. And maybe hit something. Or someone. 
Alright, enough about that. I just needed to get that off my chest! On the other hand, have you seen my review for Angelfire by Courtney Allison Moulton yet? Courtney and I had an interesting conversation today that made me smile. According to her, and I quote, “as soon as your graduate high school, it’s cool to be a nerd.” I totally agree!!! She’s been posting pictures of her ponies on twitter, and every time she does, it makes me smile! 
Adorable right?
Also, it makes me want to collect something again. Moving countries kind of puts a damper on that but maybe its time for me to start again! It is never too late! 🙂 So thank you Courtney for making me smile! By the way, February 15th is Angelfire’s book birthday!!! Go get it! Read it! Love it! Check out my review on my book review blog! 🙂 ( http://www.writersarereaderstoo.blogspot.com )
Well, enough blabbing. I have to get back to my other life now. Have a wonderful night! Read a book or something! 🙂

Much love,


1 thought on “Writing is not easy!!! Stop saying that!

  1. This is amazing!!! I love it!! hahaha


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