Blood of the Fae is live!!

I am so so excited to share with you my latest book! I LOVE Avery and am so excited to watch her grow as a character. She’s been through a lot, but she always perseveres and that is something to learn from her.

Get your copy here:

I thought I could stay hidden. But Faery had other ideas.

When I found that ancient book and realized only I could read it, my life changed forever. Now in Faery, I’m thrust into a game more dangerous than I’ve imagined. 
Queen Svetlana is ruthless and will stop at nothing to keep the power I possess for herself. With my fae magic growing inside of me, it’s something everyone in Faery wants. But all I want is find out who I am and how to control it. 

Derek is by my side as we venture into the forbidden forest to get some answers. But he’s keeping secrets, and I can’t forget who he is. 

With danger on every side, cunning fae, and Ancients trying to get at me, I don’t know who to trust. 
Can I stay alive long enough to figure out my magic and save those I love?

Featuring a fierce heroine, a broody prince, and all things magical, Blood of the Fae is the second book in this fast-paced young adult paranormal romance series from the USA Today bestselling author Valia Lind! 

What are you waiting for? One click today!

Amazon –

And yes, that is a character art of Avery! I’ve been getting back to my art lately and it’s been really fun to create these for my characters. More to come.

Here’s a closer look 🙂

If you haven’t picked up book one, you can get it here:

Happy reading, friends!

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