One week to go!!


Hello lovelies,

Can you believe it? Only one week to go until Ruined in Retribution is out in the world! I’m amazed, excited, terrified, hyperventilating, running in panic…


Too much info? My bad.

But seriously, I am incredibly excited to share this last book with you. I honestly can’t believe that the trilogy has come to an end.

When I started writing Pieces of Revenge I never imagined writing a trilogy. In my mind, it was always going to be a duology. Then, Scarred by Vengeance wrote itself and when I finished that last chapter, the story wasn’t finished. But it’s finished now.

I am very pleased with Tasia’s story. I think she has become the kind of a character who discovered, for herself, just what it means to truly live and love. I have envisioned her end in many ways and I hope you understand it and love it in the end.


If you haven’t preordered your copy yet, RUINED IN RETRIBUTION is still only $2.99! The price will go up after release.


If you haven’t discovered Tasia’s mission for yourself, book one, PIECES OF REVENGE is FREE!!!


Please take a moment to share the links, pictures, promos, and REVIEWS around the internet! Let’s make this the greatest release yet!


Much love,