Pieces of Revenge Cover & Synopsis Reveal!!!

   Hello there darlings,

   I can’t believe it’s finally here! I can FINALLY share with you the awesomeness that is the cover for Pieces of Revenge. Oh yeah, and the synopsis. 🙂
   I’m not going to babble on long. Are you ready to see it?

   Are you?

   How about now?

    Okay, HERE IT IS!!!!

   A weapon. A broken life. A humanity lost. 

   That is all Anastasia knows, that is all that she is. As an eleven-year-old, she witnessed her family’s brutal murder and she’s been on the run ever since. She’s spent her life training and planning for the day when she can take her revenge. 

   Kallos Enterprises is a well respected corporation, set on improving the genetic structure of an individual. Or so they say. Anastasia knows, first hand, what kind of monsters lurk behind the pretty walls of those skyscrapers. Armed with combat skills and a beyond perfect memory, she heads to Chicago to uncover the answers to question that plagued her for years. 

   After arriving in the city, she meets Logan, a boy from her past who changes all the rules. She doesn’t remember, but he remembers her. His position at Kallos Enterprises is useful, his presence is unnerving, and he makes her question everything she knows about herself to be true. If her perfect memory can’t remember Logan, what else about her past is wrong? 

   Time is running out. Anastasia has nowhere to turn, but to trust the one person who’s a memory she should have, but doesn’t. With a madman threatening their every step, Anastasia and Logan must uncover the truths behind Kallos experiments and hope that the answers they find won’t destroy the world forever. 

   Release Date: NOVEMBER 20, 2014

   How awesome is it? AH! I’m in love. Did you see the DNA strands? The knife? The city? ALL of these things are what Tasia is and I’m so excited how absolutely perfect the cover is. Wait, here’s the whole thing!

   What do YOU think? Who’s excited to read it? You don’t have that long to wait!!

   Much love,


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