Cover Reveal and Synopsis Sign ups!

   Hello darlings,

   I can’t believe it’s almost that time already. You know, that time when I have a NEW BOOK out in the world!!! Crazy, right? I think it’s beyond crazy, but hey.
   Also, did you see the title? No? Well, here it is!


   Fancy, huh? 🙂

   There’s not much I can tell you about the book just yet. But, I will give you a few little bits.
     1. It does center around a girl, a special kind of a girl, completely and totally consumed by her need for revenge.
     2. There is a boy, a swoonworthy boy, in the story.
     3. There are a few car chases.
     4. There is some serious butt kicking going on.

   Now, who wants to read the book, RAISE YOUR HAND!

   I’m super excited to share this story with you all. If you’d like to be part of the cover revel, sign up below! Also, I’ll be sending out ARCs soon, so be on the look out for that too!

   Much love,


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