On Writing: Daily Doodle and a Question for my Readers

   Hello lovelies,

   I can’t believe it’s already the end of July! Where has this year gone? I’m still hard at work making Edge of Falling the best it can be and in case you guys missed it, the cover reveal for the book is THIS WEDNESDAY!
  Who’s excited?
   If you’d like to help with the reveal, you can sign up here: http://valialind.blogspot.com/2014/07/cover-reveal-sign-up-edge-of-falling.html

   Anyway, if you guys are following me on Instagram, you’ve seen the Daily Doodles I’ve been posting recently.

I’ve been getting a lot of questions in regards to them, so I thought I’d take a moment to answer.

   1. Why Daily Doodle?
       Simply? I’m an artist at heart. I used to paint all the time, but with work and writing (which is also work) I just haven’t had the time. I stumbled upon Zentangle sometime in the beginning of the year and have been playing around it since then.
       Also, because of my artist ways, doodling helps to clear my mind and prepare me for a day of writing! It’s like a start up exercise to get my brain going.

   2. Did you know Shannon Messenger does Daily Doodles?
      Yes!!! She was actually the one who encouraged me to make it a daily thing. She’s fantastic, is she not? I’m still trying to get to her level.

   3. Why Zentangle?
       I’m just such a huge fan of patterns. I don’t know what it is about it, but it really does clear my mind in that special way Zentangle is said to do. I’m not planning on keeping it just to these, I’m planning on expanding my horizons and my art, so be on the lookout for that!

   4. What pens do you use?
       I’m in love with the Faber-Castell pens! They have been my favorite since the beginning, back when I was trying to figure out what works for my Smashbooking pages. I use the F and B sized black pens for most of my pictures.

   5. Why black and white? And will you do color?
       Why not black and white? I love the contrast of the pictures in its simple form. But yes, there will be color as soon as I find me some pens!

   I hope that answers some questions you’ve had. I’ll post some of my favorites down below.

   Now, a question for you.

  Would you be interested in an Etsy shop from me?

   Let me know in the comments!

   Much love,


1 thought on “On Writing: Daily Doodle and a Question for my Readers

  1. OMG I LOVE Zentangle! I am terrible at design by hand, but I do it anyway, and it's just for my eyes only for the most part. But thank you for sharing! Yours are AWESOME!!!


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