Friday Teaser!

   Hey lovelies,

   Sorry I missed this weeks Tuesday Teaser! Things are happening and things are terrifying. But good things. I’ll be sharing those things soon, but for now, here is some goodness from Falling Book Two. Meet Jackson. Dakota’s adorable brother. Enjoy!

   “Anything exciting going on at school today?” I ask, taking a soothing sip of my coffee. Or nectar of life. Whichever name works. 
   “Nope. Just the regular, boring stuff.” Even after all these years, I still wish he was going to the same high school as me. But the year he was supposed to test, he was incredibly sick and didn’t make the deadline. After that, the school closed admissions for a year and by then it was too late. 
   “Did you get your math book from the living room?”
   “Yes, Mother dearest. I have all my books and homework and lunch money.” 
   “Don’t let them bullies take that away from you, you hear?” He rolls his eyes, because I say this almost every morning. I don’t care. He just gets to deal. Although at almost six feet, with a body of a football player, my little brother can more than take care of himself. Doesn’t stop me from worrying. We tease each other relentlessly, but before I leave, I always make sure to tell him I love him. 
   Because you really should hear those words from someone in your life every day. 

   Are you excited for book 2? Because I’m excited for book 2!

   Much love,


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