Falling by Design (Excerpt #1)

     Hello lovelies, 

     I know you are all freaking out over the fantastic releases of today. I mean White Hot Kiss by Jennifer L. Armentrout and Fire and Blood by Victoria Scott?? In the same day? That’s a lot to take in. (Also, I’m missing just a few releases, but yay for them as well). 

     So while you’re taking it all in, I decided I’ll throw some more logs on the fire and share my first ever excerpt from Falling by Design. I wanted to share some Brooklynn/Dakota love because I adore these two and their friendship. I know you all been patiently waiting so here it is! 

 “So, Grayson is back,” she states popping up on the other side of the rack and I stifle a yell. She grins, her beautiful face shining with excitement.
“I feel like we had this conversation already,” I reply sidestepping her. 
“Brooklynn, Grayson is back.”
“I know Dakota. He body slammed me with his car door. ” I pull hangers off the rack, studying the clothes, before picking out a new favorite and placing it back in front of the display. “Don’t worry about it. I’m fine.”
“Oh, I know you’re fine.” Dakota waves her arms in the air. “You told me a few times since I’ve asked. But you know who else is fine? Grayson.”
“Dakota,” I turn to her exasperated, “where exactly is this going?”
“Nowhere,” she smiles innocently, running her hands over the sheer bathing suit cover up in front of her.
“Dakota.” My voice carries a tad of warning. 
“Oh fine,” she replies turning her full attention to me. “I just find it interesting how much he’s flirting with you.”
“He’s not flirting.”
“Is too.”
“Is not. And stop that, we’re not seven,” I say, grabbing fabric out of her hands and placing it back on the rack. 
“Brooklynn, I’m serious here. Do you not notice my serious face?” She points at herself with mock determination. “The boy has been watching you all day.” 

Ah! Guys, it’s only 14 days till Falling by Design is free in the world. That’s two weeks. 14 DAYS!!!!!! 
By the way, I have some exciting things in store for you during release week, so make sure to keep your eyes open.  

Don’t forget to add my book on goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/20871808-falling-by-design

And it’s available to pre-order on Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/411119
Much love, 


1 thought on “Falling by Design (Excerpt #1)

  1. I love this, of course. I can't wait for everyone else to love it too.


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