On panicking….and overcoming

Hello lovelies, 

You remember how I said I’d be better at keeping you updated on all the happenings of 2014? Well, here we go. 

Time for a confession: I am beyond overwhelmed. It’s not like I don’t know what hard work is, but every time something new comes up, I’m bombarded with feelings of terror all over again. At the moment, the panic is coming from the fact that I received my edits last night. Let me just point out right here and now, it’s OVERWHELMING. 

Can I get this done? Am I truly cut out for this? What am I doing here? 

How many of you have every doubted yourself? Raise your hand. 

Ah, good. I see I’m in great company. 

Doubts and fears are nothing new. Especially in such a crazy big world and the thing we call life. I look over the To-Do list for the next two months and I start to panic. Besides getting this story in top shape in the next month, there’s all the promotional work that needs to be done, and all the emails to be sent, and all the….well, you get the idea. On top of all that, I need to remember to eat and stay hydrated. Oh and save lives for eight hours every night (you know, if I’d like to keep my job and all that). 

But here’s my problem. I look at everything at once. I have pages of items to be checked off my list, but I will never get anything done if I keep reading over the list and freaking out. I am not the first person on this planet to be overwhelmed by life. And definitely not the last. 

Big storyline of this book is following your dreams. My main character goes through opposition and self doubt, pretty much daily. But you know what, just like every person who’ve ever wanted to reach their goals, she fights for it. She plans, she checks items off her to do list, she pushes past her own fear of the unknown and she reaches for those goals. 

You can say, she can teach me a thing or two, right? 

I want this book to be the best version of the story that’s been running through my mind for a year now. And for that to happen, I need to take charge of my fears and self-doubt and WORK HARD. 

( awe, Elijah hugs)

This, ladies and gents, is where I’m at. I’m pushing myself to take criticism and to come out on top on the other side of things. I’m not giving up and I’m not letting myself stay down. 
I’m putting on my big girl shoes, standing tall, and overcoming my insecurities. 

Excuse me while I go kick some revision butt 🙂

Much love, 


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