NaNoWriMo Shenanigans #2: Madness & Lessons Learned

That’s right. NaNo is MADNESS! The gifs below explain my feels precisely.

Anyone else in the same boat as me? Raise your hand. Oh, I see those hands. Thank you! I’m not alone. 
Anyway, I know I didn’t post my weekly last week, but I decided I’ll do a little two week update today. 
I have to be honest, even with the madness and the headaches and the oh-my-goodness-am-I-going-to-be-able-to-meet-my-word-count I’m having a BLAST! I’ve never given NaNo as much of a chance as I’m doing this year and it’s teaching me so much. Guess what? I’ll share a few of those things below.
NaNoWriMo has taught me:
1. That I can be on a tight deadline and write stuff down. 
– This is a big one for me because I’ve always felt like if I’m pressured I won’t be able to write anything. My brain will freeze, my hands will refuse to cooperate, you know, the whole shebang. But the truth is, I’m actually great with deadlines and now I know I can do it in my writing life as well. 
2. That I can write nonsense. 
– And I’m serious about this. I’m such a little perfectionist when it comes to my writing it’s downright ridiculous. We all know that NaNo is a place to write, not edit, but I still catch myself. One way this has happened is that I’ve been sending my completely ridiculous and unedited pages to my fabulous CP (and she hasn’t left me yet).
3. That I’m capable of more than I thought. 
– This is a big one as well. What I realized is that I’m actually really good at writing at least 3k a night if I sit down and do it. For me, that’s huge because I thought I was going to drown in 1667. Yet, here I am, still swimming!
I know these might not seem all that big to you guys, but it’s an amazing accomplishment for me. While I know I still have nine days to go and I can totally fail at my word count and whatnot, but I can take these three things away from the whole experience and be happy with it. There a few other things NaNo has taught me that I might share in my last post. But until then, hope this was a bit of an encouragement. 

Word count: 39,800

        How are you doing?

Happy writing, 

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