Road Trip Wednesday: Autumn & Writing

Hello darlings, 
Can you believe it’s October already? I really feel like it was just July. Anyone else think it was just July? Well, that’s besides the point because I am here to talk about today’s Road Trip Wednesday topic from YA Highway. So, let’s get on with it, right?

Today’s topic: How does your writing (place, time, inspiration, etc) change with the seasons?
Road Trip Song of the Week: Too Close by Alex Clare (I’m slightly in love with the music on this piece)

Autumn. I love the fall season. The colors, the cooler weather, the turkey. Granted, in Arizona we mostly just get the turkey but hey, one out of three ain’t all bad. Maybe a month ago, I would’ve said that the different season doesn’t change my writing, but now I’m not so sure. I feel like I’m looking at pictures of fall a lot more, even though my current book is set in summer. I feel like the season itself, everything fall is, calms me down a bit allowing me to focus my thoughts before starting my daily word goal. I mean, come on. Looking at these pictures, how can you not be transported to another world? 

I also noticed that I like to be outside a little bit more. Especially in the morning. Which is beyond weird if you ask me. First, I’m not a morning person. At all. Second, it’s 100 degrees outside (that’s our cooler weather). No one in their right mind wants to be outside. However, I take my cup of coffee and my trusty iPhone, then walk around in the backyard taking pictures of our roses. And then I write. 

What about you? Does your writing change with seasons? 

Much love, 

4 thoughts on “Road Trip Wednesday: Autumn & Writing

  1. Like a morning stroll myself, especially in nice weather. I am originally from Texas, so I feel you on it really being more of an idea of fall rather than the reality of cool weather.


  2. I'm not so sure that I'd like less distinction between seasons. We get all four up here in Canada, and I have my favourites. I always feel more creative in fall, but more productive in summer. I'm affected by the number of daylight hours, so winter is kind of challenging.

    And even though we get a distinct fall season, I find myself looking at pictures of fall in prettier places like the New England states. 🙂


  3. I lived in Oregon where there are less changes in the seasons…I missed the colorful falls, but the spring flowers were beautiful there and I didn't have to deal with snow or 100 degree mornings…uck!


  4. I'm not a morning person either. I've tried. Mornings and I just don't get along.

    I have great respect for those who live in hot climates, I just can't handle it.

    I love the colors of fall, brings out the little photographer in me.


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