On New Projects: How to Make Your Creative Juices Flow

Hello Darlings!
       I know you’ve all heard about my new project by now (because I keep mentioning it, consistently. I’m excited so sue me!) Well, you’ve heard I’ve started one because really, that’s all I can tell you. That and a little more. 
It seems that every time I begin something new, I do it in a different way. My first book ever was more of just sit down and write. Then, I started doing a little more research. And then a little more. With book number 3, I saved pictures and documents to my Scrivener project. With the last book I wrote, I utilized Pinterest a lot for visual aids. To date, I have completed four books and each one was a completely different journey for me. 
Book number five is a whole new ball game. 
Remember when I shared a little bit about SmashBooking? I’m slightly in love with arts and crafts, and I’m getting back into that aspect of my life. SmashBooks are the best way to restart your creative flow and record some memories. 
So with Secret Turtle on a Journey book number 5 I decided to create a SmashBook entirely dedicated to my story. Basically, it’s like having a Pinterest board along with all your documents in a printed, tangible version. I’m in LOVE with this idea! I can’t share my “Secret Turtle on a Journey” Smash, but here are some examples of Smash pages I’m talking about. 

(All pictures taken from Pinterest and Smashaholics group on facebook! These ladies are fabulous!)

So tell me, is there anything that helps you write? Any special things you do before, during, or after you start your projects? 

Hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into my writing world. If you’d like to see more of these, or have any questions, let me know! 

Much love, 


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