Book Haul of Diversity (& Tiredness)

Hello lovely people,
Here’s a book haul for you! I know, it’s a video and everything! Although, be afraid, be very afraid. I’m a rambler in this one. And as you’ll see (and hear) I’m tired so I have an excuse! Enjoy!

Special thanks to: 
ATWA Tours 
Tor books 
Brenda Pandos –
Jennifer Laurens –

What’s in your mailbox??? 

Happy reading, 

16 thoughts on “Book Haul of Diversity (& Tiredness)

  1. You're friend is right. The Passage is great! I can't wait for the next one. I know it's long, but doesn't seem that long once you get into it. Thanks for visiting! Enjoy!


  2. Some amazing books you got there. I've had the devouring series in my shelves for a while now and I really want to read them but still haven't. I also got Night Watch a few months ago, it's actually a movie too and a russian one. I watched it a few years ago and loved it. There was even a second movie for the second book Day watch. You have to watch them. 🙂
    Enjoy all your new books.


  3. OOOH, Sweet Evil! I swooned so hard over that book. I also own a copy of The Passage – it just sounds SO COOL. And I REALLY need to read Bloodlines so I CAN read The Golden Lily. I miss Mead's writing and worlds!

    Enjoy all your reads, Valia!


  4. Holy wow, you got a lot of books this week. Looks like Barnes and Noble was very nice to you! I love Bad Girls Don't Die and its sequel. I've got the third one, I just haven't had a chance to read it yet. The Devouring is super creepy.

    Hope you enjoy all your books!


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