Armchair BEA: Alyson Noel’s Book Signing

Hello lovelies, 

      Today on Armchair BEA we’re discussing networking beyond the blog. Often time, we become so focused on the Internet aspect that we forget that there’s a whole world out there. I was like this. Then, I discovered book signings.       
       I love bookish events! I never even knew these types of things existed until I started writing and became involved in the blogging community. It’s kind of funny how something can be right outside you door and you don’t even know its happening. That’s how I felt about book signings. Since discovering book signings, I’ve been to a few so far. (Yapalloza recap, Dark Days 2012, Dark Days 2011). Personally, going to book signings is the best kind of encouragement to yourself and to the authors who’ve worked hard to get where they are. The most recent one I went to was last week and it was Alyson Noel’s Fated tour stop. 

Changing Hands is a local Indie bookstore
Can I just begin by saying that I adore Alyson to pieces? We’ve been friends for two years now and she was one of the first authors I’ve read when I got back into the YA literature. She is the best encouragement when it comes to my writing journey and she’s always available for questions on twitter (I try not to bug her too much but ya know *shrugs*)

She’s so fun. While she was introducing herself, she stopped in the middle of a sentence to say hi to me. Can I just say how happy that made me? She’s a wonderful author and she answered all the questions, extensively. (*snickers*)

One of the best pieces of advice she gave was to read Save the Cat by Blake Snyder. For those of us who struggle with making sure our stories have all of the elements, the Beat Sheet comes into play. Seriously, I recommend taking a look at It’s super helpful!
This is what I love about the writing world! We’re seriously one big family. Alyson is a great example of someone who talks to her readers regularly, making them feel important. Honestly, this is how I want to be. I think this aspect is so important, and I thank Alyson kindly for showing me the way. 🙂 
My bestie and I finished the day off with some delicious frozen yogurt! 

There is really nothing like getting your book signed. Don’t you think? 🙂

What are some of the book event you’ve been to? 

Much love,