News & I need YOUR help!!!!

Hello darlings, 

If you follow me on twitter, you’ve probably seen my tweets about a cover reveal. What is this cover reveal you’re talking about Valia? Well, let me tell you my awesome, happy, great news!!!
Simplicity, my first published novel, is getting a makeover!!! EEEEPPP!!!! 
(And not just on the outside)

This is the greatest news to me because Simplicity is my baby and I wanted the world to love it as much as I do. It is such a different kind of a story from what I write now. First of all, its not YA. While I feel it can be appreciated by all audiences, it wasn’t written specifically for just one. Simplicity is the kind of story I will continue to tell, in between the crazy I write now. 
And this is where you come in! I’m looking for bloggers who would like the chance to reveal the new cover on their blog! If you’re interested, leave me a comment below! 
Thanks awesome people for all your support and love! I want to hug you all to pieces!!


That’s right. I just showered you with kisses! 😀

Much love, 

4 thoughts on “News & I need YOUR help!!!!

  1. Hi! Congrats on the book makeover!
    I'd like to help you. 🙂


  2. Me, too! hopewelshwrites at gmailcom

    My blog is hopewelshwrites.blogspotcom


  3. Congrats! And I'd love the opportunity to be able to help you let the world know about your cover 🙂


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