Happy Valentine’s Day Gift to You!!! – In His Eyes Anthology

Hello darlings,
So, technically I’m not a big fan of Valentine’s day, except for the fact where it’s kind of my name ๐Ÿ™‚ And I’m celebrating today as I celebrate all of the holiday’s lately, by sleeping because I had a long night of crazy work. But I have a little special gift for you guys! Jessie Harrell shared this with me and I wanted to share it with you!ย 
Just in time for Valentines Day,ย The Indelibles bring you a one-of-a-kind young adult anthology! Sixteen original short stories, all from the point of view of our favorite male characters – some are old flames from our novels and some were dreamed up especially for this anthology.ย 

Let these imminently crushable, swoon-worthy guys show you what romance looks like โ€“ in his eyes.ย 
The contributors to In His Eyes include award winners, frequent โ€œTop 100โ€ placers, and hot 2011 debut authors.ย 
In His Eyes is FREE at Smashwords, and $0.99 at Amazon and Barnes&Noble – hopefully to go free there as well by our release date on February 14th for Valentines Day. Or you can add In His Eyes to your TBR list on Goodreads.
For more information about The Indelibles, check out our blog, facebook page, or follow us on Twitter.ย 
Stories included in the Anthology:
Surprise, Surpriseย by Stacey Wallace Benefiel, author ofย Glimpse: Half the women in Melody’s family can see the future, which makes it nearly impossible for Raleigh to surprise her. What’s a guy to do for Valentine’s Day when his girlfriend is always one step ahead of him?ย 
First Kiss or First Kill?ย by C.K. Bryant, author ofย Bound: Love isn’t always rainbows and kittens, sometimes it can be downright deadly. (A deleted chapter from Bound.)ย 
Shatteredย by Ali Cross, author ofย Become: James and Desi use each other in an effort to cling to the darkness in each of them, but in the end they discover that love changes you. (A chapter of Become from Jamesโ€™ POV.)ย 
Beforeย by Jessie Harrell, author ofย Destined: When a younger Eros is exiled to a land that doesn’t believe in the Greek gods, he finds the first love of his immortal life. Read Eros’ first person account of his romance, and heartbreak, in the time before he met Psyche.ย 
The Qualm Before the Stormย by Karen Amanda Hooper, author ofTangled Tides. Yara Jones doesnโ€™t want to be a mermaid. Treygan doesnโ€™t want to be the monster who turns her. You canโ€™t always get what you want. (A short prequel to Tangled Tides.)ย 
Unspeakableย by S.R. Johannes, author ofย Untraceable: When Mo sees a strange girl in the woods, he follows her. He soon realizes they are both in a dangerous position and might not get out alive.ย 
In the Beginningย by Katie Klein, author ofย Cross My Heart: Seth is falling hard for Genesis Green, but the guardian angel is determined not to interfere, until an accident changes the course of their lives forever. (A short prequel to The Guardian.)ย 
A Chance Encounterย by Cheri Lasota, author ofย Artemis Rising: Finnian’s eyes hide a terrible secret. But a girl on the train home, the girl in tears with a secret of her own…She sees right through him. A scene from the upcoming novel, Echoes in the Glass.ย 
Family Bondsย by Heather McCorkle, author ofย The Secret of Spruce Knoll: A Halloween party filled with teens who can channel energy and use it to kill, what could go wrong? For Spruce Knoll fans who are dying to read more about Fane.ย 
Getting Closerย by Lisa Nowak, author ofย Running Wide Open: Megan is smart, hot, and an upperclassmanโ€”in other words, way out of Codyโ€™s league. So why did she choose him? (An excerpt of Getting Sideways.)ย 
The Almost Assassinย by Laura Pauling, author ofย A Spy Like Me, releasing Spring 2012: Malcolm tries his hand at the family business but his conscience and a beautiful “spy” may be his downfall.ย 
Mind Gamesย by Susan Kaye Quinn, author ofย Open Minds: Raf wants to take Kiraโ€”the only girl in school who doesnโ€™t read mindsโ€”to the mindware Games, but his friends have other plans. (A short prequel to Open Minds.)ย 
By The Firelightย by Elle Strauss, author ofย Clockwise: When Nate McKenzie asks an unpopular girl to dance on a dare, he’s in for the time of his life.ย 
A Very Alien Valentineโ€™s Dayย by Magan Vernon, author ofย How To Date An Alien: After surviving confinement and an intergalactic war for his human half, Alex, now he has to live through the biggest challenge of them all: Valentine’s Day.ย 
Alignedย by RaShelle Workman, author ofย Exiled: A half-Eternal boy and an Eternal girl must free millions of tortured souls from a creature whose been feasting on their pain and suffering.
Don’t you love stories from the guys point of view? What are your plans for Valentines day?ย 

Much love,ย 

One Comment on “Happy Valentine’s Day Gift to You!!! – In His Eyes Anthology

  1. Thanks so much for helping spread the LOVE about the anthology. Hope you enjoy the stories.
    My big V-day plans involve taking my DD to basketball practice and assisting with homework after dinner. Isn't that romantic???


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